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Let’s talk about skin.

I know… here we go again. Yes, I have a skin obsession! It’s pretty much the first thing I notice about people, I want to know everyone’s skin care secrets ( like, I literally ask randoms what they heck they use on their face to make it look so good ) , and if my skin isn’t looking flawless I freeeaaakkkk. Like crawl into a whole, hide under a blanket, become a hermit, & spend hours on hours researching online.

Lately my skin has been a little… lackluster shall we say. I think it’s ready to shed it’s winter coat. I’m not crazy about going to the derm cuz sorry, but I just don’t think that benzoyl peroxide and popping a pill is the answer to life’s problems… and that’s often what the doctor orders.

Soooooo… I visited my local health food store to see what they had to say. They were raving about this mask, so I had to give it a go!


Andalou Naturals has an amazing line of skin care. It’s all natural, cruelty free, GMO free, and certified gluten free… score! After testing out The Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask I am totally sold. My skin literally looks 20 x better than it did 10 minutes ago. No joke!


Here’s why this mask is so amaze…

+ Pumpkin is rich in beta carotene. Natural enzymes remove dehydrated cells to brighten and smooth the skin.

+ Manuka honey soothes and heals to clarify and restore balance to the skin.

+ Glycolic Acid acts like a gentle, mini-peel by exfoliating dead cells and impurities.

+ Vitamin C evens tone, boosts collagen production, increases cellular turnover, and fights free radicals.


I’m so obsessed with this mask that I had to buy the entire brightening line. I’ll keep you guys posted on my favs ;) & I’m dying to know… what are your skincare secrets?!?


2 thoughts on “Biteworthy Skincare

  1. Brittany Leigh

    I’ve looked at this before, but passed it up. Definitely gonna give a try now. Any other recommendations you have to help with acne. Mine is cray-cray right now! && I really don’t want to go to the dermatologist only for them to give me some strong medicated cream + antibiotics. ick!

    1. Katie Roof Post author

      Definitely try this mask out. I’m literally in shock… it worked SO well! I also recommend staying away from anything comedogenic like lanolin, mineral oil, wheat germ oil, etc. Tons of face wash and moisturizers contain these and they basically suck for your skin. Keep it natural and look for things that balance your skin’s pH. The goal is to balance, not to dry out. Also, apple cider vinegar works wonders. I take a shot every morning to detox from the inside out and it can also be used as a toner. Whew… can you tell I’m skin-obsessed lol. Good luck girl and let me know how it goes :) xx


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