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Announcing… Frida & Me!

Oh, hey there. It’s been awhile! I know, I know, I went a little bit AWOL for a little long while… but I’m back and I have a super exciting announcement! I am beyond thrilled to have launched my new blog and brand, Frida & Me. Honestly, this project has been a long time in the making and I feel like I just gave birth. Frida & Me is a lifestyle blog geared toward conscious living and those who are aiming to better their lives, and the world in which we live.  We will be featuring clean eats, organic and cruelty-free wellness and beauty products, as well as tons of inspiration for you fellow boss babes! We are also launching our very own line of eco-friendly accessories apparel for pooches and their humans.  So please, please head on over and check it out. I’m dying to hear what you think!! And don’t forget to follow us @fridaandme_ for your daily dose of, well, Frida & Me!


Katie Roof Frida & Me

The NAKED Nail


I find myself to be a strange mix between a product junkie and a minimalist.

If I have a dinner, a date, a GNO, or some kind of event to attend… I’m all about prepping, primping, and pulling myself together. HOWEVER, 9 times out of 10 you will see me sans makeup with a giant rats nest on top of my head. Sorry, but I’m a busy girl, and I’m not about to waste an hour getting ready to go to Whole Foods or hot yoga. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That being said… I’m all about the naked nail trend that is happening. Yep. Naked. Nails. Not ‘nude’… NAKED. I’m a nail-biter, and a picker… so as soon as I get that first chip it’s game over and I’ve picked the rest of my polish off… leaving a Hansel & Gretel style nail polish trail wherever I go. I know. SO gross… but true.

The Olsens have been embracing the naked nail for a LONG time now… which is good enough for me! #WWOD?

Just remember to keep them short, clean, and buffed… cuz long naked nails are a no-no!

Oh ya, and this trend does NOT go for your tootsies too. Keep those puppies polished at all times!



A Lil’ Beauty DIY: Bat For Lashes


I can’t think of one girl I know who doesn’t want longer lashes! I mean, who wouldn’t? Long lashes = sexy, flirty, and make your eyes POP! My friends and I have literally tried it all from Latisse to lash extensions… with some definite success. HOWEVER, these methods aren’t exactly budget-friendly and can be super time consuming. Not to mention some not-so-pleasant side effects.

As always… if there is a natural alternative, that is definitely my preference! Sooooo, when I happened upon a little 3 ingredient recipe for DIY lash serum I was allllll over it!! Luckily, I’m a bit of an oil-hoarder… so I already had all of the ingreds. I immediately whipped up a batch and have been hooked ever since.



I wanted to give it a solid month before I gave you all the low-down. So, here it is… My lashes are longer, thicker, and honestly I feel like they are darker too! I used to NEVER leave the house without a couple coats of mascara, but now… no need! Don’t get me wrong, I still totally layer on the mascara for a night out… but on a day to day basis I no longer find it necessary.



Another bonus? My whole eye area just feels younger and healthier due to the oils. I have also been using this little concoction on my brows and they have filled in A LOT!!


I haven’t noticed any negative effects whatsoever. The only thing I will say is that I recommend applying this right before bed each night as the oil can get a little runny. **Sidenote: if your mixture hardens as coconut oil tends to do… just run under warm water until you reach the desired consistency.

So… what are your fave DIY at-home beauty remedies?!?



A Little Treat For My Loves… YOU!


You guys probably know that I’m obsessed… like obsessed with Bobbi Brown. No, not Whitney’s ex-hubs… the makeup guru. I mean, I’ve featured their products many times. Remember this one? Ya… Pale Pink, aka the best blush in the WORLD. C’mon. This is the blush Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, and if it’s good enough for the duchess… it’s good enough for me!

Here are some of my other can’t live without Bobbi products. And because I love you guys so much… you all get 20% off of limited edition Bobbi Brown cosmetics now through Friday. Not only is this a crazy good discount… but proceeds benefit ‘Dress for Success Worldwide’, an amazing organization that empowers disadvantaged women to be their best. Discount + Do-gooding = a win win! So, hurry up and get your shop on!


I  Illuminating bronzing powder… for that perfect pop of color

II  Glitter nail polish… the perfect nude pink

III  Brightening finishing powder… for an all over glow

IV  Skin foundation stick… for flawless skin

V  Nude eye palate… the perfect 4-pack

VI  Lip shimmer… soft, moisturizing, and sheer

So… what are your can’t live without beauty goods?!?


Highlight How-To’s


Lets talk about highlighting… no. Not the kind you did in your high school chemistry book… the kind you should be doing on your face. Highlighting is the quickest way to bring that dewy, youthful, lit from within glow to your face.

So… how do you do it? You’ve gotta have the right tools and the right technique!


People get super intimidated by the whole highlight / contour thing… but it’s really pretty simple. Painting your face is like any other art form. Objects that are darker appear smaller and further away while objects that are lighter appear larger, closer, and more prominent. For this reason placement is EVERYTHING!!

If there is a feature that you aren’t crazy about… DON’T highlight it.

So, where should you highlight? The brow bone, bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, chin, under eye area, and apples of the cheeks, and the cupid’s bow… think anywhere the light would naturally hit. As for the cheek bones, temples, hairline, sides of the nose, under the chin, and neck area… contour, contour, contour. Stay tuned for my post all about how to contour for that sexy, chiseled in the face look.


I’m obsessed with MAC’s Prep + Prime pen in Light Boost. It is honestly the perfect highlighter and if it isn’t already in your makeup kit… it needs to be!


Begin by applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer to the entire face. This will give you a blank canvas to work on. Use your Prep + Prime or favorite highlighter and get to work by highlighting the areas mentioned above. Lastly… blend, blend, blend. We’re going for soft, not stripey. A stippling brush works perfectly for this. I love the Real Techniques brushes. They are professional grade at a fraction of the price. These brushes are super soft and give you that airbrushed look. Plus, they are synthetic and 100% cruelty free. Score.


Feel free to add a little shimmer to these areas once they have been defined. Note… I said a little. Having a face full of glitter is just not cute. I love Benefit Watts Up, MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, and Bare Minerals Highlight duo.

So, there you have it. Time to get glowing! What are your favorite beauty tips & tricks / can’t live without products? I’m dying to know!!


Biteworthy Skincare


Let’s talk about skin.

I know… here we go again. Yes, I have a skin obsession! It’s pretty much the first thing I notice about people, I want to know everyone’s skin care secrets ( like, I literally ask randoms what they heck they use on their face to make it look so good ) , and if my skin isn’t looking flawless I freeeaaakkkk. Like crawl into a whole, hide under a blanket, become a hermit, & spend hours on hours researching online.

Lately my skin has been a little… lackluster shall we say. I think it’s ready to shed it’s winter coat. I’m not crazy about going to the derm cuz sorry, but I just don’t think that benzoyl peroxide and popping a pill is the answer to life’s problems… and that’s often what the doctor orders.

Soooooo… I visited my local health food store to see what they had to say. They were raving about this mask, so I had to give it a go!


Andalou Naturals has an amazing line of skin care. It’s all natural, cruelty free, GMO free, and certified gluten free… score! After testing out The Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask I am totally sold. My skin literally looks 20 x better than it did 10 minutes ago. No joke!


Here’s why this mask is so amaze…

+ Pumpkin is rich in beta carotene. Natural enzymes remove dehydrated cells to brighten and smooth the skin.

+ Manuka honey soothes and heals to clarify and restore balance to the skin.

+ Glycolic Acid acts like a gentle, mini-peel by exfoliating dead cells and impurities.

+ Vitamin C evens tone, boosts collagen production, increases cellular turnover, and fights free radicals.


I’m so obsessed with this mask that I had to buy the entire brightening line. I’ll keep you guys posted on my favs ;) & I’m dying to know… what are your skincare secrets?!?


Why I Brush My Lips… & You Should Too.


There is literally nothing worse than dry lips.

Like. Yuck yuck yuck. Not cute.

There is also really no excuse for it IMHO. Yes, the weather gets cold, our skin gets dry, our lips get chapped… BUT you do not need to be a victim.

So, what’s a girl to do? Brush your lips. Duh!

Here’s why… Brushing your lips is the best way to exfoliate them and get rid of that dry, chapped skin. Furthermore… brushing your lips totally plumps your pout by increasing circulation and bringing more blood to the surface of the skin.

Softer, fuller lips…? Sign me up.


So, after you brush your teeth… brush your lips. Using a wet toothbrush gently brush your lips. Don’t get carried away, your goal is exfoliation… let’s not get crazy. If you want to add a little extra umph use brown sugar for extra exfoliation. When you are done brushing lock in that moisture with a rich lip balm. I swear by Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I’ve talked about it before because it is seriously the best. Another great option ( and something that belongs in everyone’s medicine cabinet ) is Alba’s Un-Petroleum Jelly. Just steer clear of regular old Vaseline or anything containing ‘Petroleum’. Sorry, but petroleum belongs in your car… not on your face. EW. You’re skin is your largest organ. Be good to it!

So spill… what are your weirdest beauty tricks?


Purple People Eater


The other night while doing what I do best cough cough… [ online shopping ] with my best babe… I noticed that all of the models were sporting purple lipstick. I asked, “Is purple the new black?” Her response, “Duh!”


I was instantly smitten with this shade. Yes, I know that Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s color of the year for 2014… but what I did not know was how freaking amaze it would look on the lips. It’s also insanely easy to pull off, you just have to find the right hue for you!


So naturally, I ran to the store and picked up a couple shades of purple lipstick when I realized I wanted to start rocking this trend like, yesterday. I’ve come up with a pretty epic purple lip concoction which consists of Benefit’s “Lolli Tint” as a base. This is hands down my favorite lip and cheek stain. Ever. I top it off with not one, but two shades of lipstick… Revlon’s “Berry Haute” #660 & “Violet Frenzy” #027… the result, the PERFECT purple lip, aka one of my FAVE trends for 2014.

Here are some of my other pics for the perfect purple lip ;)


+ Mac Lipstick in ‘Heroine’ $15

+ Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in ‘Savage Grace’ $29.50

+ Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in ‘Airborne Unicorn’ $18

+ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in ‘Hoochie’ $18

NYX Butter Lipstick in ‘Blue Violet’ $6

So, what trends are you ready to rock in the new year?


The Perfect Thanksgiving Cranberry Lip


Happy Turkey Day lovas! We all know that Thxgiving is all about the food… sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie ( I’ll be making this one ), and more…. however, there are other ( calorie free ) ways of indulging! One of my favs…? Satisfying my sweet tooth with the perfect cranberry lippy!


The steps:

– The night before ( and every night for that matter ) moisturize, moisturize, moisturize at bedtime. Our skin best absorbs moisture while we are sleeping. There is absolutely nothing worse than dry lips! Yuck! I like to use a super rich balm at bedtime, my fav is Smith’s Rosebud Salve.


– Before applying your cranberry lip, lightly brush your lips with a soft toothbrush. This will exfoliate your lips, making your color go on flawlessly. ( I exfoliate my lips on the daily )

– Next apply your favorite lip balm, in my case it’s EOS. Remember this post? Ya, still obsessed with these bad boys!


– Use your lip brush to apply a rich, cranberry toned lipstick. Currently diggin’ Kat Von D’s Foiled Love Lipstick in F.T.W. It is literally the perfect shade of cranberry, plus it’s paraben free… score! Apply heavily then blot, blot, blot. This will give you stained, “three sheets to the red wine wind” effect.


– Top it off with an extra pop of color ( & moisture ) in the form of your favorite lip & cheek cream color. I love Stila’s Convertable Color in Poppy. This color is universally flattering and will totally brighten up your look.


– Remember to keep the rest of your makeup soft & natural. A cranberry lip calls for a nude eye and clean face.


Cheers to Thanksgiving… and the perfect cranberry lip!


Hope you guys have the best T Day evs!


Long Hair Don’t Care


It’s that time again… our newest KT+E Unplugged viddy is up and at ’em. This time it’s all about that looooooong long hair.

It’s pretty clear that long hair is here to stay… why? Because it’s sexy, feminine, and let’s face it… everything just looks better when accompanied by long, luscious locks. Fortunately, long hair is no longer just for the super lucky, the uber patient, or Rapunzel. Anyone can have long, flowing mermaid hair if they so desire. How you ask…? Easy, just fake it ’til you make it.

So, my babe Erica and I are head over heels about Bellami clip in hair extensions. They are insane. Bellami uses 100% human hair so not only do the extensions look super real ( cuz I mean, they are ), but you are free to heat style them… curly, wavy, straight… whatever your little heart desires ( oh, and p.s. Bellami makes some pretty epic styling tools ). Bellami offers 18″, 20″, and 22″ extensions as well as clip in bangs in a muriad of sexy colors. Don’t know what color to pick…? No worries, the babes at Bellami will help you pick your perfect match.

Check out our latest viddy on how to put them in, style them up, and rock them out!