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What’s In My… Beauty Bag

Kikadoo Darphin Rose Facial Oil The Skin Savior.jpg

Lately, my skin has been super dry… and if my skin is not perfect I freak the eff out! I’m a hypochondriac, so I was pretty much diagnosing myself with every skin issue under the sun… one week it was “my eczema is flaring up” and the next it was “ugh, check out my impetigo” [I was also buying tons of products that weren’t working]. My fam and friends had no prob pointing out the fact that I was bat shiz cray and nothing was wrong with me. The truth is… nothing was “wrong” with me. My skin was just dry. A) I recently moved from SD to SF, so the change in climate was partially to blame … and B) Hello, it’s Fall! A change in season always means you may have to tweak your skin care routine just a bit… so I did.

Who knew this magic potion would be the cure? Darphin’s Organic Rose Aromatic Face Oil is seriously life changing. I had gotten a sample of it and fell head over heels. After one use not only was the dryness gone [I mean… gone], but my skin was seriously glowing! I wouldn’t typically drop $70 bucks on a tiny bottle of oil, but I was back at the store the very next day because I knew I couldn’t live without it. [I also scored some more samples to give to my friends and fam for putting up with my crazy a**] This product contains rose hip oil and evening primrose oil, among many others. Darphin makes all of their own essential oils so they are super high quality and super pure. This stuff smells like heaven, completely calms my senses, and is a skin savior!

Kikadoo Darphin Paris Rose Aromatic Care.jpg

Skin oils are formulated to balance your skin’s hydration level. Lotions sometimes over-hydrate, or simply sit on top of the skin and are never absorbed. Do you ever feel like you are moisturizing like crazy yet your skin remains parched…? Yep, that’s why. Oils are basically the answer to every skin problem… even acne! Got oily skin? There’s a skin oil for that. Rosacea…? Skin oil to the rescue! Oils aren’t one size fits all though… so do your research.

Ideally your skin oil should be 100% natural and organic, free of parabens and any other icky stuff, and be non-comedogenic. Darphin has got you covered on all of those bases. They offer a huge range of oils, depending on your needs. I highly recommend checking them out. [BTW, this is not a sponsored post… I’m just a big fan]

If their price point seems a little steep remember that you only need to use five small drops, so it will last and last. However, you totally have other, more affordable options. Loreal offers a more pocket friendly facial oil. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard great things. Also, don’t forget about your local Whole Foods. They have aisles of oils and the folks in the Whole Body section are super knowledgeable about skincare!

I hope you’re no longer afraid to oil up! I know I’m not. So, spill… what’s in your beauty bag?

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Why I wash my face with honey…


I absolutely love honey… drizzled on top of a grapefruit, mixed into some greek yogurt, stirred into my tea, and of course, smothered all over my face. Yes, it’s true… honey makes the absolute best face wash! Here’s why… Honey effectively cleans your skin without stripping it of its natural oils, thus disrupting the pH. Your skin will look, feel, and function at its best when it maintains a pH of 4.5 – 5.5. Honey just happens to have a pH of 4.5. How convenient. Honey is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and super moisturizing. Got oily skin? Not to worry, though it sounds a bit oxymoronic honey also has drying properties. Is your skin dull, uneven, spotted, or scarred? You’re in luck… honey naturally contains gluconic acid. This AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) will help to lighten spots and scars while brightening your complexion. This killer combo makes honey suitable for absolutely every skin type.

After just one wash you will notice a difference… after a week… you will seriously be in skin heaven. Since I replaced my face wash with honey I’ve been able to skip the foundation/concealer part of my makeup regime because my skin has been as smooth as a baby’s bum. Furthermore, I have literally been stopped by random people on an almost daily basis complimenting my skin. I’m serious! From sales girls at H&M to baristas at Starbucks… even an old man at the Home Depot told me I had a “keen complexion” (<– so adorable)! What I’m trying to say is that you can have glowing skin too… just add honey!



Here’s how… If you are wearing makeup, remove it. I like to use a carrier oil such as apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip oil (my fav), or jojoba oil. Now you are ready to wash! Simply wet your hands and face with water, place a tablespoon or two of honey in your hands, and wash as you would with any other face wash, massaging in small circles and making sure not to neglect any part of your face (and neck). If I have time, I let it sit for a few minutes. This really allows it to sink in and do it’s thing! When you are done, just rinse it off and tada! When I’m finished I like to tone & moisturize with some rosewater + glycerine (Toner and moisturizer in one? Yes please!) It’s really as simple as that! In conclusion, honey makes for a super quick, super easy, super affordable, and super amazing facial cleanser and I urge each and every one of you to give it a go!

P.S. Remember, your skin is your largest organ so make sure to use natural, raw, organic honey! I like the one from Trader Joe’s. You can pick it up for about $5. Talk about affordable skincare!


My New Makeup Obsession

 benefit fakeup

As a former employee of the fabulous company I am obviously a fan of Benefit Cosmetics, however, they have really outdone themselves this time around! I had heard a lot of hype about their newest product, Fakeup, and had to pick one up as soon as they hit the shelves to see what all the fuss was about.

OH-EM-GEEEE! This stuff is ridiculous {in the best way possible}!! It is super hydrating, has the perfect amount of coverage, and is literally undetectable to the naked eye. I am really weird about concealer and often skip that step all together. I don’t want to look cakey or too makeup-y… and I especially don’t want my skin to look dry. Dry skin is the number one way to make yourself look older and who on earth wants that?!? I’m all about the dewy, fresh faced look.

benefit fakeup kikadoo apply

Anyway… back to the fakeup… It contains vitamin E and apple seed extract, making it super hydrating. It’s lightweight, yet perfectly covers under eye circles or any other little imperfections and contains light diffusers, giving you a little bit of a glow. This product is especially perfect for spring and summer when you want to keep your makeup to a minimum and keep your skin quenched. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s totally crease-proof? HTH is that possible? Talk about a tripple threat! Long story short… I’m totally sold and I’m pretty sure you will be too!


Rainbow Brite


My girl Fashionlushxx and I have a to “DYE” for product review over on our YouTube channel: KT+E Unplugged. We have been super into the Dip Dye // Colorful hair trend and feel that it will be making a total resurgence for Spring 2013 [[<– which I can’t wait for btdubs]].

Anyhooo, we have played around with various methods of achieving the Dip Dye look without putting our hair through hell. I was a fan of the Anastasia Hypercolor Hair Powder. It’s good for a one-nighter and washes out in one shampoo. A word to the wise… stick to wearing dark colors and watch your pillowcase when using this product. I mean, it is powder… so it tends to wander. Though the Anastasia powder did the job, we weren’t quite satisfied… that is until we discovered Watercolor!!

This may be my favorite product of the moment, and as a self proclaimed product junkie, that’s saying a lot! This stuff seriously made my hair look, feel, and smell like a million buck$. It’s a super hydrating hair mask that also adds a pop of color. It comes in purple, blue, yellow, red, & pink and you can pick it up at Urban Outfitters[<– select stores only], or order it off their website.

My hair is light brown… somewhere around a level 5 – 6. It showed up really well in my hair, especially toward the ends which are naturally lighter. I basically saturated my hair in this mask from roots to tips.  Erica’s hair is a bit darker… probably around a level 4. It still showed up nicely in her hair, but it was more of a “tint” effect. She applied the mask to the lower 1/3rd of her hair. We found that we got the best results by applying it to dry hair and letting it set for about 30 mins. Then just shower as usual and rinse it out [don’t shampoo… just rinse. You don’t want to dilute it too much.]

I applied the mask on Friday and have shampooed three times since. It’s still lookin’ good. The color gets more subtle with each shampoo, but this stuff has definitely got some staying power. I would use this product for the way it makes my hair feel alone. The ridiculously good smell and cute colors are a total added bonus. I will definitely be buying more in the very near future. Don’t forget to check out our viddy for a detailed review… and while you’re at it… SUBSCRIBE!!



Must Have Mondays: Pucker Up!

EOS lipbalm 1

Though I absolutely love winter fashion, I do not love the dry skin that comes along with it and I absolutely hate chapped lips. I have a bit of an obsession with lip balm. I swear that I buy and try a new chapstick weekly daily… but those days are long gone. I have found my new bff in the form of the most amazing little product… the EOS Smooth Sphere. These gems are not only adorable [they remind me of easter eggs], but they are crazy moisturizing and super delish. I was first drawn to these due to their cute colors and unique shape, but as I read the ingredients {as I always do} I started falling deeper and deeper. Not only are they gluten free {a must for me and surprisingly many chapsticks are not}, they are also paraben free, petrolatum free, and phthalate free [[YAY!!]] They come in a ton of tasty flavors; my favorite of the moment is Summer Fruit <– so yum. Do yourself a favor… pick ’em up, put ’em on, and show that winter weather who’s boss!!

Lips EOS Lipbalm



Must Have Mondays: Let’s Talk About Brows Baby!!

Some might say that I’m a bit brow-obsessed… and they would be right. I think if more people knew what a properly shaped brow could do for their entire look they would hop on board the brow wagon as well. Let me start by saying how brows absolutely frame your face and complete your look. You may be rocking the hottest outfit, bombshell hair, and killer makeup… BUT… if your brows aren’t done it will look like something’s missing! I honestly don’t even go to the gym without filling in my brows! Here are a few helpful hints…
123 brows
Everyone has a natural shape to their brows. You may have a high arch [think Megan Fox], a rounded arch [think Jennifer Aniston], or no arch [think Selena Gomez]. You may prefer a more modest brow or a big, bold, beautiful brow. Work with what God gave you, as well as your personal preference. If you are new to the brow scene I recommend going to a professional. They will be able to shape your brow in the most appropriate and flattering shape for your face {got a Benefit Brow Bar near by?? They are my personal fave!!} If you choose to brave it on your own, please follow these simple rules of thumb…

Brows 101
1) Take a pencil and hold it vertically along the side of your nose. Where the pencil and your eyebrow meet is where the brow should start.
2) Again, take the pencil and look straight ahead. Line the pencil up with your pupil. Where the pencil ends should be the highest point of your arch.
3) Take the pencil one last time and hold the pencil from the side of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye so that it extends to the eyebrow region. This should be where your brow ends.

benefit brows a go go

My absolute fave product for filling in my brows is Benefit’s Brows a-go-go kit. It has anything and everything you could ever need to shape and accentuate your brows. It contains a light and dark color of the brow zings powder, brow zings wax, eye bright & brow highlighter, mini tweezers, an angled brush, and smokin’ black eyeliner. Whether you’re a brow newbie or a seasoned pro… this kit is the perfect fit. As you now know, the fab Fashionlushxx and I have joined forces to bring you KT+E Unplugged. Check out our latest viddy for a step by step tutorial on how to get epic brows!!

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Must Have Mondays: Shine Bright!!

Today’s must-have is one of my favs!! I am pretty obsessed with the Jane Iredale Highlighter Pencil and have been for quite some time. Using highlighting and contouring techniques can really take your makeup routine to a whole new level. This pencil glides on smoothly, blends well, and adds the perfect amount of shimmer and shine. Here’s how I use it…

+ Apply highlighter to your brow-bone, inner corner of your eyes, cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose… & never be afraid to SHINE!!

Must Have Mondays: Ooooh Baby Baby.

So… I must admit I’m pretty obsessed with this week’s must-have!! It’s all about the lips… and this product keeps mine super soft and lookin’ good. I’m talking about Maybelline’s Baby Lips! They are amazing and I literally own each and every color & flavor. Though it’s too hard to pic a fave flave I’ve gotta say I am really digging Pink Punch {I’m wearing it above}! You can’t go wrong with a pretty pink lip & it tastes like fruit punch… so delish!!

Must Have Mondays: What A Beauty!!

This week’s must-have is unquestionably a must-have!! The Beauty Blender is an amazing tool that will forever be a staple in my beauty regime [[and should be in yours too!!]] The Beauty Blender is basically a fancy shmancy makeup sponge used to apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer. When you use your hands to apply your base {whichever type it may be} the product sits on top of your skin. Using a brush is better, much better, however you are often left with teeny tiny little brush strokes that are less than desirable [you’re not Picasso]. Enter the Beauty Blender… the perfect little tool to evenly {and flawlessly} blend your makeup into your skin. This means your skin will actually look like skin… what more could a girl ask for?!?