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just another manic(ure) monday.

Colors from left to right: “Don’t Touch My Tutu” by OPI, “Merino Cool” by Essie, “Dynasty” by American Apparel Nail Lacquer, “Velvet Voyeur” by Essie, and Essie’s luxeffects in “Pure Pearlfection”

Though the Ombre craze has been around for quite some time now… I am still absolutely loving it. There are so many ways to rock this trend and we have been seeing it everywhere from hair to ombre denim, but I am especially loving ombre nails! There are so many ways to apply this trend to your manicure. Each nail can go from light to dark, or you can choose to let the variation spread across all five fingers. I chose to do the latter… here’s how.

+ pick polish colors that are within the same color family. Any color will do… from pink, blue, or purple to greys and shades of black… the possibilities are endless!

+choose to start with your pinkie or your thumb and work your way down the rest of your hand, going from lighter to darker or vice versa.

+make sure your colors vary enough, yet compliment each other.

+ optional… I added a little sparkle to one nail on each hand using Essie’s luxeffects in “Pure Pearlfection”.

+ there aren’t too many rules to follow as the Ombre trend is meant to look a little messy and undonemost importantly, make it your own and have fun with it!

give ’em the cold shoulder.


I’m not gona lie… it’s been tough trying to keep cool during this crazy heat wave we’ve been having. I am beyond ready for Fall fashion, but it’s been way too warm to rock some of my favorite fall pieces! I am a sucker for a good chambray, yet sometimes I feel they can look a bit man-ish. The cold shoulder style is a great way to transition into Fall, keep it cool while showing just the right amount of skin, and femme up this otherwise masculine look. I have been seeing these tops everywhere and though I am a self proclaimed shopaholic, I thought it would be way more fun to make my own!  How do you think it turned out?

Want to make your own cold shoulder chambray…?  Here’s what you’ll need!

1. a chambray top… any kind will do! I used this J.Crew denim chambray that was just hanging in my closet begging to be deconstructed!

2.  some kind of writing utensil that will show up on the material of your top… I used the Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencil in Yeyo as it is easy to see on denim and washes right off!

3. straight pins.

4. a needle and thread. (try to closely match the thread to your top… the end result will be much cleaner looking)

That’s it!!! No sewing machine needed… I feel it is easier to stitch the hem by hand!

+ put your shirt on inside out

+mark up where you want to make your cut-outs on one arm only

+ cut along the guideline you have made

+ use this cut-out as your guide for the other arm

+ once both shoulders have been cut out pin over the uneven edges about 1/4 of an inch

+ you can use a hem-stitch or a running stich to hem the shoulder cut-outs, creating a clean finish (the hem-stitch is less visible, yet the running stitch is quicker… if your thread closely matches your material no need to worry)

++ note: your shirt is inside out throughout this whole process!

+ once finished, flip that shirt right side out and admire your beautiful work

+ last but not least, keep cool, look hot, and rock your new cold shoulder chambray!!

DE.STRESS – D.I.Y. distressed tee..

It’s the weekend… time to de-stress, and what better way than to make your own, custom distressed tee?!

This distressed Balmain shirt will burn a $1625 hole in your pocket… ouch!! Why shell out $1600 big ones when you can do it yourself?!?

Here’s what you’ll need..

+ one cotton t-shirt [any cotton tee will do.. just pick one that you think would be a little bit cuter if it were a little bit beat up]

+ sand paper or a pumice stone.. [i used this one!!]

+ an old textbook or hard covered book.. i used my good old bio book ☺[i NEVER sell back my old textbooks. Too many memories.. does this make me a hoarder?!! or just a nerd??]

Here’s what you’ll do..

+ wrap your tee around your textbook so that you are only working with one layer of the shirt at a time.

+ grab your sand paper or pumice stone and start sanding away.. you will start to see little holes appearing. How quickly this happens will depend on the texture of your tee and roughness of your file]

+ distress your tee to your liking.. [sometimes less is more.. sometimes more is more.. just depends on the style of your tee] & don’t forget the collar!!

+the last and final step is to rock your new, couture, super comfy creation!

xx kt

What a STUD!! D.I.Y. studded iPad case


My sweet mama gifted me her iPad which she rarely never used. Seeing as how I am constantly clicking away on my computer… blogging, pinning, tweeting, you name it… I was ecstatic! The only problem was that the plain black case it sat in simply would not do! Rather than buy a new, more fashionable case, I decided it would be way more fun to jazz it up myself. Somewhat did I do you ask…? I broke out my bedazzler and got busy! I am pretty pleased with the final product… it’s cute, trendy, and most importantly made with love!
Want to make your own studded iPad case?… Or any case for that matter! Here’s what you will need…
1) a leather or vinyl case / cover
2) a sharpie or pen in a contrasting color
< i used a silver nail polish pen. It was easy to see against the black background, yet wiped off easily if I made a mistake.>
3) a bedazzler
4) studs, rhinestones, or whatever shiny things float your boat…
< i used a combination of gold and silver studs… though it’s kind of hard to tell in the photos>
… if you do not own a bedazzler (but who doesn’t) you can simply use some flat studs (the kinds without the prongs) and some G-S Hypo Cement or any strong hold craft glue available at bead stores, Michaels, etc…
Now what?
Simply mark where you would like to place your studs and stud away!!


before… simple, classic, but kinda boring. zzzzz.


1 hour and 116 studs later… & Voilà… TOTALLY studly!!