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You guys… I’m beyond excited about today’s post! Why…? Because it mixes my 2 most FAVORITE things in the world… dogs + fashion. About a month ago I happened upon Bean, the cutest freaking brand ever! Tees, crew-necks, and beanies are right up my alley. The fact that they happen to be adorned with pups in a tongue-in-cheek / hipster kind of way is a total plus! Srsly. I am drooling over this shirt and this beanie!

The-Fashion-Bite Katie Roof -WLFHND-Bean-Goods-Wiener-Dogs-Luxe-Beanie-Chanel-Inspired

Anybody who knows me and / or follows The Fashion Bite knows that I am obsessed with my dog, Frida. She is my bestie, my partner in crime, and pretty much my reason for being. I honestly can’t even remember my life before she was in. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about my immense love for her. Anyhoooo, I was so impressed / obsessed with this dog inspired line I just had to get the scoop on how it came to be… so here it is, my interview with founder / creator / and super rad chic Claire Wolfson ( and her dog, Bean ).

The-Fashion-Bite Katie Roof -Claire-Wolfson-and-Bean-Interview

The-Fashion-Bite-Katie Roof WLFHND-Bean-Goods-Q-&-A-with-Claire-Wolfson-and-Bean

Δ What motivated you to start your own line?

CW: Bean is inspired by our little black & tan dachshund. He suffered from a serious back injury common in his breed a few years back. He underwent major reconstructive surgery & miraculously made a full recovery. His strength & positivity inspired us to start Bean. My love for Bean & the bond that we share also inspired our new site, W L F H N D.

Δ How does Bean inspire you and your work?

CW: He’s just hilarious. He has multiple personalities in a good way. He’s the most loyal little creature I’ve ever met. He’s my rock honestly.

Δ Who do you envision wearing your pieces?

CW: We envision anyone with the combination of a great sense of humor, style & design, and obviously an immense love for dogs wearing our line.

Δ Which is your favorite piece to rock?

CW: My favorite piece is our Wiener Party crew. I am obsessed with smiley faces which is what inspired us to design this style. It’s definitely a piece you get double-takes with! Haha.

Δ If Bean could talk, what do you think he would say about the line that he inspired?

CW: “I am honored that my Mom & Dad have a brand inspired by me. It’s the best thing ever because I get to spend everyday with my Mom & brother Van in the office. My favorite piece in the line is also the Wiener Party crew. Don’t tell Mom, but my brother & I love to sneak sips of our parents’ beer!


So, there you have it! The low-down on Bean. No doubt I’ll be stuffin’ some stockings with these goods! It’s a dog’s life, and I love it :)


P.S. Make sure to scope their Holiday Lookbook… it’s insanely cute! While you’re at it, check out Bean’s goods in the Nylon shop!



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