FASH Friday: Spend vs. Save

spend vs. save tom ford carrie oversized round sunglasses forever 21 capsule 2.1 matte round sunglasses.jpg


[Top: Tom Ford Carrie Oversized Round Sunglasses // Bottom: Capsule 2.1 by FXII Matte Round Sunglasses]


I’ll admit it… I’m a total fashion monger. I follow trends, even lust over them… but I just can’t bring myself to drop an entire paycheck on one item. I totally believe in quality over quantity, but not always when it comes to fashion.

I definitely think that there are times when it’s completely appropriate to splurge [good wine, a timeless handbag, jewelry you will pass down to your kids one day, organic produce lol…] but I am more likely to save.

Kikadoo Fashion Friday Spend vs Save Oversized Round Sunglasses Tom Ford Forever 21 Sunny Side Up image.jpg

That being said… I absolutely love sunglasses [especially giant, oversized, incognito style sunnies] and probably own over 50 pairs… it’s a problem. Some of them are designer and some of them are dirt cheap, but I find it doesn’t really matter. As long as I am shielded from the sun and looking cute while doing so I’m a happy girl.

I figure I have enough to worry about in life… don’t we all? So I don’t need to add losing, breaking, scratching, sitting on, stepping on, and ruining expensive sunnies to the list. I have been wearing the heck out of these bad boys as of late and I’ve gotta say… they are one of my fav pairs. The fact that they cost just shy of eight dollars and look basically identical to these other sexy shades doesn’t hurt.

So what do you think? When it comes to sunglasses do you prefer to spend or save?

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