Happy Monday!


– Pretty new jewels, stored in my critter dish of course! –

So, it’s Monday ( aka everyone’s favorite day / NOT ) … instead of spending mine with a serious case of the Mondays… I prefer to spend it reflecting on the past seven days and what made them totally amazing… oh ya, & get pumped up for the week ahead.

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Good-Read Alexa Chung It

   – A lazy morning read. Borrowed this book from my babe Fashionlush & devoured it in a                hot minute. –


– Can’t get through the days without these… my little idea book to jot down my thoughts whenever inspiration strikes ( typically in the middle of the night, am I right ) & my fav EOS lip balm. –


– I mean… are you kidding me with this face?!? My little Frida melts my heart! –


– Lips á la Saint Laurent… need I say more? –


– A little organic dark chocolate never hurt anyone. –


   – Seriously, the sweetest bday gift from my bestie! A tiny sideways initial necklace in the form of      an “F” for Frida… naturally! –

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Holiday-CupsMy favorite passion tea …

– YAY! The Starbucks holiday cups have officially arrived!! –


– A ‘lil sneak peek of our upcoming tutorial for KT+E Unplugged #longhairdontcare –

So spill, I want to know… what makes your day??



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