Highlight How-To’s


Lets talk about highlighting… no. Not the kind you did in your high school chemistry book… the kind you should be doing on your face. Highlighting is the quickest way to bring that dewy, youthful, lit from within glow to your face.

So… how do you do it? You’ve gotta have the right tools and the right technique!


People get super intimidated by the whole highlight / contour thing… but it’s really pretty simple. Painting your face is like any other art form. Objects that are darker appear smaller and further away while objects that are lighter appear larger, closer, and more prominent. For this reason placement is EVERYTHING!!

If there is a feature that you aren’t crazy about… DON’T highlight it.

So, where should you highlight? The brow bone, bridge of the nose, center of the forehead, chin, under eye area, and apples of the cheeks, and the cupid’s bow… think anywhere the light would naturally hit. As for the cheek bones, temples, hairline, sides of the nose, under the chin, and neck area… contour, contour, contour. Stay tuned for my post all about how to contour for that sexy, chiseled in the face look.


I’m obsessed with MAC’s Prep + Prime pen in Light Boost. It is honestly the perfect highlighter and if it isn’t already in your makeup kit… it needs to be!


Begin by applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer to the entire face. This will give you a blank canvas to work on. Use your Prep + Prime or favorite highlighter and get to work by highlighting the areas mentioned above. Lastly… blend, blend, blend. We’re going for soft, not stripey. A stippling brush works perfectly for this. I love the Real Techniques brushes. They are professional grade at a fraction of the price. These brushes are super soft and give you that airbrushed look. Plus, they are synthetic and 100% cruelty free. Score.


Feel free to add a little shimmer to these areas once they have been defined. Note… I said a little. Having a face full of glitter is just not cute. I love Benefit Watts Up, MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, and Bare Minerals Highlight duo.

So, there you have it. Time to get glowing! What are your favorite beauty tips & tricks / can’t live without products? I’m dying to know!!


What A ‘Tees’


If there’s one thing I can’t live without… it’s a good tee. Seriously… I live and die in a good old t-shirt. I’m not just talking any old tee. It’s gotta be softer than soft, fall just right, and look supa phresh!

My favs typically feature one of my favorite bands (preferably from the 70’s), some sort of ironic pun (perhaps about a cat), or a cool, local company.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

My current fav… this super soft crop via Typical Culture.

Here are some of my fav pieces straight from my closet… and others that will probably be hanging there by the end of the week  ;)


► Oh Boy Sporty Tee $14.80

► Shredded Metal Noir Muscle Tee $14.80

► Oversized Nirvana Tee $15.80

► Rock N Roll Van Halen Tee $15.80

► Mickey Burnout Tee $12.99

► Heisenberg Tee $12.99

► Cat Print Crop Top $13.80

► David Bowie Starman Tee $12.99

► Ramones Muscle Tee $15.80

What’s your favorite way to rock a plain ol’ tee??


Out With The Old…


So, I’ve decided to take pre-emptive actions agains Spring cleaning. I’m just in the mood to start fresh and make room for good things to come my way. Soooooo… as the old saying goes… out with the old & in with the new!

Even though I’m completely OCD in just about every aspect of my life, I’ll admit, I can be a bit of a pack-rat. I guess I’m just a little bit super nostalgic. Like… do I really need to hang on to my Disneyland Passport that expired in ’91…? Probably not.

Anyway, cleaning out your closet / room / house / life can be kind of a daunting task. What’s the best way to tackle it? First of all you’ve gotta have the right mind-set. If you’re not ready to let go… it’s not the right time. If you are in the mood to get rid of absolutely everything… do it. I can almost guarantee you won’t regret a single thing you get rid of. Also, designate piles. In my case, I had four… Stay, Go, Goodwill, and Tradesy. P.S. The Fashion Bite’s Tradesy Closet will be up and running soon… so stay tuned.

Being able to access all of my favorite pieces ( and only having things that I actually wear in my closet ) totally gives me piece of mind. Plus… as a self-proclaimed shopping addict, I made plenty of room for some new goodies. Speaking of shopping… you can now easily shop my style. Just click on the “SHOP” link in my menu and get your shop on ;)

I know this may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your weekend… but it totally made my day!! So spill… what are your tips for cutting out the clutter?


Biteworthy Skincare


Let’s talk about skin.

I know… here we go again. Yes, I have a skin obsession! It’s pretty much the first thing I notice about people, I want to know everyone’s skin care secrets ( like, I literally ask randoms what they heck they use on their face to make it look so good ) , and if my skin isn’t looking flawless I freeeaaakkkk. Like crawl into a whole, hide under a blanket, become a hermit, & spend hours on hours researching online.

Lately my skin has been a little… lackluster shall we say. I think it’s ready to shed it’s winter coat. I’m not crazy about going to the derm cuz sorry, but I just don’t think that benzoyl peroxide and popping a pill is the answer to life’s problems… and that’s often what the doctor orders.

Soooooo… I visited my local health food store to see what they had to say. They were raving about this mask, so I had to give it a go!


Andalou Naturals has an amazing line of skin care. It’s all natural, cruelty free, GMO free, and certified gluten free… score! After testing out The Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask I am totally sold. My skin literally looks 20 x better than it did 10 minutes ago. No joke!


Here’s why this mask is so amaze…

+ Pumpkin is rich in beta carotene. Natural enzymes remove dehydrated cells to brighten and smooth the skin.

+ Manuka honey soothes and heals to clarify and restore balance to the skin.

+ Glycolic Acid acts like a gentle, mini-peel by exfoliating dead cells and impurities.

+ Vitamin C evens tone, boosts collagen production, increases cellular turnover, and fights free radicals.


I’m so obsessed with this mask that I had to buy the entire brightening line. I’ll keep you guys posted on my favs ;) & I’m dying to know… what are your skincare secrets?!?


Why I Brush My Lips… & You Should Too.


There is literally nothing worse than dry lips.

Like. Yuck yuck yuck. Not cute.

There is also really no excuse for it IMHO. Yes, the weather gets cold, our skin gets dry, our lips get chapped… BUT you do not need to be a victim.

So, what’s a girl to do? Brush your lips. Duh!

Here’s why… Brushing your lips is the best way to exfoliate them and get rid of that dry, chapped skin. Furthermore… brushing your lips totally plumps your pout by increasing circulation and bringing more blood to the surface of the skin.

Softer, fuller lips…? Sign me up.


So, after you brush your teeth… brush your lips. Using a wet toothbrush gently brush your lips. Don’t get carried away, your goal is exfoliation… let’s not get crazy. If you want to add a little extra umph use brown sugar for extra exfoliation. When you are done brushing lock in that moisture with a rich lip balm. I swear by Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I’ve talked about it before because it is seriously the best. Another great option ( and something that belongs in everyone’s medicine cabinet ) is Alba’s Un-Petroleum Jelly. Just steer clear of regular old Vaseline or anything containing ‘Petroleum’. Sorry, but petroleum belongs in your car… not on your face. EW. You’re skin is your largest organ. Be good to it!

So spill… what are your weirdest beauty tricks?


Everybody Wants To Be A Cat…

…because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.

Want to know a guilty pleasure of mine?? Yes, Bachelor fantasy league is one of them (who do you guys think is going to win BTW)… but I was actually thinking more along the lines of feline fashion.

I am a self proclaimed dog person… all the way. But when it comes to clothes and accessories I’m all about the C.A.T. I like things that are quirky, tongue-in-cheek, and a little ironic Meow.

Here are some of my favorite feline finds…


+ Stop It Meow Pullover Sweatshirt $19.99 <– on sale!! [ I seriously live in this sweatshirt. ]

Me and Her Casselini Animal Clutch $205

ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses $22

Meow For Measuring Cups $35

Vintage Fierce About Fashion Pin $15

+ FXXI Spot-On Jumpsuit $25

ASOS Cat Print Top $45

+ Meow Pint Glass $8

Animal Face No-Show Sock $12

Plum & Bow Cat Ring Holder $7

Cat & Mousepad $15

Fun Stuff Meow iPhone Case $16

+ Kitten Knee-High Sock $14

+ Jonathan Adler Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers $48

+ ASOS Cat Ear Ring $11

So… are you feelin’ it… or should I stop it right meow?!?


Girly Grunge


Anyone who knows me knows that I am shoe OBSESSED. Like, it’s a problem.

“Groceries… maybe. New shoes… definitely!”

Anyhow… I think splurging on shoes is totally justifiable, don’t you? However… There’s no feeling quite like finding a great “steal”.

I live in boots… summer, winter… doesn’t really matter. They are def my shoe of choice. That being said, it’s kind of fun to spice up everyday ‘uniform’ which typically consists of black on black with a touch of black.


I love anything ‘tomboy’… especially when it has a hint of girly-ness, so I’m obviously dying over these floral Dr. Martens. I’m all about mixing prints and patterns, so in my opinion they literally go with everything. The price point isn’t too shabby, and honestly a good pair of docs will last you for life. But… these little gems from Steve Madden are equally as cute and only half the price. So, the choice is yours. Spend on the “Real“, or save on the “Steal“?

+ Dr. Marten’s 1460 Floral Boot $130

+ Madden Girl Rexxx Floral Boot $78

Skimlinks Test


DIY Gold Glittery Pencils


We’re baaaaaack for another adorbs DIY collab. Yep, The Skinny Confidential, Fashionlush, and myself are at it again.


This time we’re keeping it stupid simple… like, you can make these in your sleep, with your eyes closed, and one hand tied behind your back.


Trust me, I rarely take my hands off of my laptop, my iPhone, or my pup Frida… but every now and then I have to actually write something down… so why not do it with something cute!?!


These DIY gold glitter pencils are to die… sups easy to make, totally useful,  and they sub as cute desk decor. What more could you ask for?


The Goods: plain white pencilspaint brushgold glittermod podge, thats it!!!



How To…

+ paint your pencil (right below the eraser) with mod podge

+ dip in glitter (think roll, not dunk)

+let dry

+ ya, I told you it was stupid easy.


How cute will these look sitting on your deskie-poo?!?

The-Fashion-Bite-Katie-Roof-DIY-collab-the-skinny-confidential-fashionlush-desk-decorEnjoy your glittery creation!



The Dirty Dozen


Let’s talk about organic produce. I’ve mentioned before that it’s definitely something I like to splurge on… & it can be a bit of a splurge.

When you buy organic, not only are you doing something good for yourself, but you are also supporting sustainable farming practices, reducing fossil fuel emissions, and cutting down on air and water pollution.

The EWG ( Environmental Working Group ) analyzes data about pesticide residue and ranks foods based on how much or little residue remains on the food. Each year they release a list of the “cleanest” and “dirtiest” foods known as The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen.

You may not choose to buy organic all the time, but research has shown that just by switching to organic as far as the dirty dozen is concerned you can reduce your exposure to pesticide by 80%. That’s a lot! Making this simple switch is totes worth it. So here they are… the dirty dozen.


+ apples, celery, peaches, cherry tomatoes, grapes, spinach, nectarines, summer squash, sweet bell peppers, cucumber, kale/collard greens, hot peppers, potatoes, strawberries

And BTW… if you’re keeping count this year’s dirty dozen consists of fourteen foods. I guess The Filthy Fourteen just didn’t have the same ring to it.