Real vs. Steal: Pretty Little… Bra?


Sry. I am kind of obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Shhh. I can’t help it. No, I’m not 13… but I might as well be.

I love being able to get a good mystery and even better fashion all in one show.

I’ve been really into the criss-cross bra-strap thing for awhile. No, I’m not talking about the racerback, between the shoulder deal. I’m talking about the criss-cross in the front between the… well, you know. It’s like a reverse mullet… this time the party is totally in the front.


Anyway… back to my guilty pleasure. Emily was totally wearing one of these lil numbers on last night’s epi and I fell in love all over again. I love how it just barely peeks out and makes you wonder… is that part of the top, or just a killer bra? So, I did what I do best… scoured the internet and found the real… and the steal.

+ Lonely Sabel Cutout Bra $94

+ FXXI Garden Rose Corset Bra $14.80

IDK about you… but I’m not really in the market for a hundred-dollar bra… so what do u guys think?? Splurge on the real… or save with the steal?


2 thoughts on “Real vs. Steal: Pretty Little… Bra?

  1. kati

    i’m totes gonna go with the steal. and omigawww i could not take my eyes off emily’s bra yesterday either! i’m usually a spenser-kinda-style but emily has been rocking it late. i love these real vs steal’s you do–thx!

    1. Katie Roof Post author

      I love Spencer too… but Emily’s stylist has been killing it lately ;) So glad you love real vs. steal! They’re my favs too. LMK if there is ever a ‘steal’ you want me to search for xx


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