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Why Cayenne Pepper Rocks My World…


As a rule of thumb I typically say… the hotter, the better!I No, I’m not one of those people that carries around a bottle of Tapatio in her purse ( though I’ll admit I used to be ), but I’m not gonna pretend I haven’t pulled out a shaker of cayenne pepper a time or two… or ten. I definitely prefer things on the spicy side… esp my drinks! So, when it comes to heat, I say… bring it!

I like to drink a TON of water. Like, a ton. Good luck finding me without my favorite sippy cup in hand. I mean, we all know it’s pretty much the best thing you can do for your body, but regular old H2O can be SUCH a bore!! Like, Snoozefest 2014. I like to mix it up so that I’m sure to get in plenty of liquids, yet don’t die of boredom.


My bevies of choice, you ask…? I have two! The first is water with a splash of lemon and a little bit LOT of cayenne pepper mixed in. It’s seriously such a tasty treat and packs some serious health benies. Number two is iced green tea, a splash of lemon, a couple drops of stevia extract, and a generous sprinkle of cayenne ← sooooooooo yum!!


So… why should you incorporate cayenne into your diet. First and foremost, it’s freaking delish, but even more importantly it can majorly amp up your health game. Cayenne pepper contains hefty amounts of vitamins A, E, C, K, and B6. If that’s not convincing enough, check out some of its other insane benefits…


So drink up and spill… what’s your healthy drink of choice?


Snack-time Saviors: Kombucha Style


I always wished I was one of those people who just couldn’t  get enough Kombucha. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t  the case… until now!


GT’s Green Chia Kombucha may just be the tastiest treat ever. It’s not too vinegar-y (which is why I tend to not be crazy for Kombucha), it’s so refreshing, gives me TONS of energy, and supplies some pretty crazy health benefits. It’s also packed with chia seeds, which I love.


So, what are the health benefits of Kombucha? First of all, it’s been around for 2000+ years and is referred to as ‘the immortal health elixir’. It’s been shown to fight cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. Kombucha is an amazing detoxifier, boosts your immune system, promotes joint health, aids in digestion, and has even been shown to reduce or eliminate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia.


If you already love Kombucha, I suggest trying out my favie flavie. If you’ve been hesitant to try this strange concoction, don’t be. You’ve got nothing to lose and SO much to gain!