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A Little Treat For My Loves… YOU!


You guys probably know that I’m obsessed… like obsessed with Bobbi Brown. No, not Whitney’s ex-hubs… the makeup guru. I mean, I’ve featured their products many times. Remember this one? Ya… Pale Pink, aka the best blush in the WORLD. C’mon. This is the blush Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, and if it’s good enough for the duchess… it’s good enough for me!

Here are some of my other can’t live without Bobbi products. And because I love you guys so much… you all get 20% off of limited edition Bobbi Brown cosmetics now through Friday. Not only is this a crazy good discount… but proceeds benefit ‘Dress for Success Worldwide’, an amazing organization that empowers disadvantaged women to be their best. Discount + Do-gooding = a win win! So, hurry up and get your shop on!


I  Illuminating bronzing powder… for that perfect pop of color

II  Glitter nail polish… the perfect nude pink

III  Brightening finishing powder… for an all over glow

IV  Skin foundation stick… for flawless skin

V  Nude eye palate… the perfect 4-pack

VI  Lip shimmer… soft, moisturizing, and sheer

So… what are your can’t live without beauty goods?!?


Must-Have-Mondays: just wing it.

When I think of a perfectly winged eye one lovely lady immediately comes to mind. I mean seriously, Ms. Bardot had that whole smoldering eye + pouty lip thing down to a science! I love winged liner and in my opinion if you are gonna wing it… it’s gotta be black! Don’t mess around with crazy colors that you may look back and regret… anybody remember a little thing called the 80’s?!? As you can see, black is classic, timeless, and always on trend. My absolute favorite liner of all time is {shocker} Bobbi Brown’s Long -wear Gel Eyeliner in “Black Ink.” It’s jet-black, goes on so smoothly, and once in place it will not budge. It’s much easier to work with than a liquid liner and it’s consistency can’t be beat. As you know, using the right tool is extremely important and I highly recommend Bobbi Brown’s Ultra Fine Eyeliner brush. These two go together like PB & J. This brush makes it stupid easy to get the perfect application every time! I promise, once you add these bad boys to your beauty arsenal you’ll always be ready to wing it!

introducing… must-have-mondays!!

This post started out as a makeup must-have list that I had been wanting to write for AGES, yet narrowing down my favorite products seemed like a daunting task and felt like mission impossible! I didn’t want my must-have list to read like a novel, but after thinking long and hard I finally came to the realization that there may be no way around this issue… then a light went off! Rather than bombard you with a mile long list of my beauty essentials, I decided to break it up, and break it down to you every Monday. I am sooo excited about Must-Have-Mondays! I am constantly trying new products and though there are a few favorites in rotation, I am always finding new treasures that tickle my fancy. Must-Have-Mondays will be the perfect way for me to share my favorite new finds with all of you! I would also love to hear about your favorite products… so feel free to comment!

bobbi brown pale pink

To kick off Must-Have-Mondays I would like to share with you one of my all time favorite products… Bobbi Brown’s blush in Pale Pink. This color is absolutely GORGEOUS and somehow seems to compliment every skin tone and color combination imaginable. Everyone in my family (well… the ladies at least) can throw on this blush and look stunning. I don’t know how Bobbi does it and I probably never will… all that matters is that she has created the world’s most perfect blush and I want to see it in everyone’s makeup bags [and on everyone’s cheeks!]


Blush can be so under appreciated, but it is so necessary! All you need is a tiny pop of color right on the apples of your cheeks to wake up your entire face and make you look alive. Be sure to use a blush brush that is only used for your blush! [do not use the same brush for your blush, bronzer, powder, etc… your color won’t stay true and you may end up looking “muddy”] On a side note: brush and bronzer are like MK&A… though fabulous on their own, when they join forces they create quite the dynamic duo! So use your bronzer to sculpt, your blush to make it pop, throw on a smile and you’ll be turning heads all over town!

Fun fact: Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge herself wore Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink blush on her wedding day!