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To Sweat or Not to Sweat… That is the Question.

kikadoo workout

Soooo… if you are anything like the rest of us, you either had, have, or know someone who has been bogged down by this nasty cold // plague that has been circulating. Ick! It’s a real b*tch. I’ve had it twice this year, but I finally seemed to have kicked it and I’m feeling goooood. I am now convinced that I have total immunity to all strains. With that being said, I often wonder if I should keep working out and just sweat out those nasty bugs… or if I should give my bod a break. In general I feel much better when I work out, in ALL aspects of my life. The endorphins seriously get to me. Today I stumbled upon an article that answered my ‘to sweat or not to sweat’ question. Simply stated…  if you are experiencing “above the neck symptoms” such as a sore throat and the sniffles go ahead and get your workout on. However, if you are suffering from “below the neck symptoms” such as body aches, an upset tummy, or chest congestion then you’re better off renting a good flick, stocking up on some rag mags, and resting up. I think the best thing that you can do is to listen to your body. You know yourself better than anyone else. So there you go, now you [[& I]] know.

What to Wear… Wednesdays: Warm & Toasty.

Brrrrr… it has been freezing lately [well, at least by San Diego standards…] anyhow, to me cold weather = the perfect opportunity to sport my favorite trends… bootsover-sized sweaters, and scarves, scarves, scarves!! I love scarves! They are the perfect way to make a statement and stay warm all at the same time. Here are some cute ones to add a little holiday spice to your winter wardrobe…

Baby... it's COLD outside!!