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The Perfect Thanksgiving Cranberry Lip


Happy Turkey Day lovas! We all know that Thxgiving is all about the food… sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie ( I’ll be making this one ), and more…. however, there are other ( calorie free ) ways of indulging! One of my favs…? Satisfying my sweet tooth with the perfect cranberry lippy!


The steps:

– The night before ( and every night for that matter ) moisturize, moisturize, moisturize at bedtime. Our skin best absorbs moisture while we are sleeping. There is absolutely nothing worse than dry lips! Yuck! I like to use a super rich balm at bedtime, my fav is Smith’s Rosebud Salve.


– Before applying your cranberry lip, lightly brush your lips with a soft toothbrush. This will exfoliate your lips, making your color go on flawlessly. ( I exfoliate my lips on the daily )

– Next apply your favorite lip balm, in my case it’s EOS. Remember this post? Ya, still obsessed with these bad boys!


– Use your lip brush to apply a rich, cranberry toned lipstick. Currently diggin’ Kat Von D’s Foiled Love Lipstick in F.T.W. It is literally the perfect shade of cranberry, plus it’s paraben free… score! Apply heavily then blot, blot, blot. This will give you stained, “three sheets to the red wine wind” effect.


– Top it off with an extra pop of color ( & moisture ) in the form of your favorite lip & cheek cream color. I love Stila’s Convertable Color in Poppy. This color is universally flattering and will totally brighten up your look.


– Remember to keep the rest of your makeup soft & natural. A cranberry lip calls for a nude eye and clean face.


Cheers to Thanksgiving… and the perfect cranberry lip!


Hope you guys have the best T Day evs!


Happy Monday!


– Pretty new jewels, stored in my critter dish of course! –

So, it’s Monday ( aka everyone’s favorite day / NOT ) … instead of spending mine with a serious case of the Mondays… I prefer to spend it reflecting on the past seven days and what made them totally amazing… oh ya, & get pumped up for the week ahead.

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Good-Read Alexa Chung It

   – A lazy morning read. Borrowed this book from my babe Fashionlush & devoured it in a                hot minute. –


– Can’t get through the days without these… my little idea book to jot down my thoughts whenever inspiration strikes ( typically in the middle of the night, am I right ) & my fav EOS lip balm. –


– I mean… are you kidding me with this face?!? My little Frida melts my heart! –


– Lips á la Saint Laurent… need I say more? –


– A little organic dark chocolate never hurt anyone. –


   – Seriously, the sweetest bday gift from my bestie! A tiny sideways initial necklace in the form of      an “F” for Frida… naturally! –

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Holiday-CupsMy favorite passion tea …

– YAY! The Starbucks holiday cups have officially arrived!! –


– A ‘lil sneak peek of our upcoming tutorial for KT+E Unplugged #longhairdontcare –

So spill, I want to know… what makes your day??



Must Have Mondays: Pucker Up!

EOS lipbalm 1

Though I absolutely love winter fashion, I do not love the dry skin that comes along with it and I absolutely hate chapped lips. I have a bit of an obsession with lip balm. I swear that I buy and try a new chapstick weekly daily… but those days are long gone. I have found my new bff in the form of the most amazing little product… the EOS Smooth Sphere. These gems are not only adorable [they remind me of easter eggs], but they are crazy moisturizing and super delish. I was first drawn to these due to their cute colors and unique shape, but as I read the ingredients {as I always do} I started falling deeper and deeper. Not only are they gluten free {a must for me and surprisingly many chapsticks are not}, they are also paraben free, petrolatum free, and phthalate free [[YAY!!]] They come in a ton of tasty flavors; my favorite of the moment is Summer Fruit <– so yum. Do yourself a favor… pick ’em up, put ’em on, and show that winter weather who’s boss!!

Lips EOS Lipbalm