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just another manic(ure) monday.

Colors from left to right: “Don’t Touch My Tutu” by OPI, “Merino Cool” by Essie, “Dynasty” by American Apparel Nail Lacquer, “Velvet Voyeur” by Essie, and Essie’s luxeffects in “Pure Pearlfection”

Though the Ombre craze has been around for quite some time now… I am still absolutely loving it. There are so many ways to rock this trend and we have been seeing it everywhere from hair to ombre denim, but I am especially loving ombre nails! There are so many ways to apply this trend to your manicure. Each nail can go from light to dark, or you can choose to let the variation spread across all five fingers. I chose to do the latter… here’s how.

+ pick polish colors that are within the same color family. Any color will do… from pink, blue, or purple to greys and shades of black… theĀ possibilitiesĀ are endless!

+choose to start with your pinkie or your thumb and work your way down the rest of your hand, going from lighter to darker or vice versa.

+make sure your colors vary enough, yet compliment each other.

+ optional… I added a little sparkle to one nail on each hand using Essie’s luxeffects in “Pure Pearlfection”.

+ there aren’t too many rules to follow as the Ombre trend is meant to look a little messy and undonemost importantly, make it your own and have fun with it!