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Hello, October

KIKADOO make my day jeans and boots.jpg.jpg

“I’m SO glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

~ Anne of Green Gabels

So  ya, it’s Fall. The most wonderful time of the year. Summer’s tons of fun, don’t get me wrong… but there’s just something about Fall! Sweater weather, the smell of rain, hot tea, candy corn, pumpkin everything, boots, boots, boots… and not to mention, Halloween [and my Bday] are right around the corner.

Here are some Fall favies that made my day. I may have gone a little crazy at Targé… but I’m not sorry about it!

Gettin Organized.jpg

A new planner and colorful pens. I may no longer be a student… but Fall still seems like the perfect time to get my shiz together.


This pumpkin spice candle is EVERYTHING!


Complimentary SoulCycle passes… YES please.


The cutest little neon bird journal & oversized paperclips.

glow in the dark knee highs.jpg

Glow in the dark knee-high Halloween socks… ‘cuz who doesn’t need those.

shiny things.jpg

A mini metallic idea-book and some pens to match to jot down blog / business ideas when I’m feeling inspired.


Sippin’ on some witches brew [aka coconut h2o] and a good read.


The cutest coat as seen on @TargetDoesItAgain. I scored one for myself & one for my sis [twinning]! Don’t hate me but it’s sold out basically everywhere.

spooky sticky notes.jpg

Some spooky sticky notes & page markers.. Rest assured I will be putting these on everything for the next month.


           And to top it all off… the sun setting over the bay. The view from our back deck is pretty freaking epic. So blessed!

So… what were your day makers?

xx katie.jpg


IMG_5002Sothis babe and I had a ‘business’ meeting downtown which quickly evolved into a photo sesh / late lunch and bevies at Neighborhood. Go figure. We visited our girl Casey at work then continued to wander around and discover a side of SD that we so rarely see. I love going on mini adventures and this one did not disappoint. Street art, gluten free beer, and good eats… yes please!! Here are some highlights…




+ Black Mini Dress / Skirt: H&M

+ Blondie Tee: FXXI

+ Oxblood Pleather Jacket: FXXI

+ Harness Boots: H&M

+ Black Bucket Bag: H&M



What to wear…? Wednesdays: Semper Fi.

I am loving the military inspired trends that we have been seeing so much of lately. A Camo or Army green jacket is a total Fall must have and should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe! I personally think that studs add the perfect amount of rugged, yet femme flare to this masculine print.

Fearne Cotton, Rita Ora, and Kate Moss can’t hide from us in their camo jackets. I spy my favorite Fall trend.

What more can I say about Combat boots? If you have seen my previous posts you know that I adore them and I absolutely live in mine year round!

Miley pulls double duty with a camo print top tied around her waist and an awesome pair of platform, patent leather combat boots. Selena and Demi display how these boots literally look good with everything.

Though I am a huge fan of everything camo and military inspired… let’s try not to overdo it… shall we?

Time for Gwen to waive her white flag and surrender… this is an example of too much of a good thing. Even Kingston is decked out in head to toe camo.





denim on denim.

I am a huge fan of denim!  From jean shorts or jackets to a great pair of skinny jeans… I am typically wearing some form of denim (lately it’s been my favorite denim vest… DIY to come)! Despite my love of denim… it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Way too much in some cases. There is a right and a wrong way to pair your favorite denim pieces. The easiest way to wear double denim is to wear a denim chambray or jean jacket with colored or black denim skinnies. This trend was everywhere this summer and is pretty self explanatory, however… you can wear blue jean on blue jean. This trend isn’t for everyone, but if you do choose to give this look a go just make sure to follow a few simple Kika doo’s and Kika don’ts

+ do not pair the same shade of denim! it is super important that your denims contrast, yet compliment each other. a great way to do this is by pairing a lighter hued denim top with darker bottoms.

+  femme it up… some arm candy, ballet flats, sparkly jewelry, a cute handbag… these are some ways to keep this look light and chic.

+ please do not decide to rock this trend as a couple… especially if you are doing it the wrong way! who can forget the denim duo themselves… Britney and Justin at the 2001 AMAs. i think it’s safe to say that this very image is one of the top 3 reasons people are timid to attempt the double denim trend!

+ show some skin. roll up your sleeves, unbutton an extra button at the collar, or pair a denim chambray with some cute cut-offs. this way you will not appear too monochromatic and can avoid the “canadian tuxedo” look a’la Jay Leno.

+ have fun with it… the most important thing is to stay true to your personal style while staying on trend. don’t get lost in a look that isn’t you just because you saw your favorite fashion icon wearing it.

give ’em the cold shoulder.


I’m not gona lie… it’s been tough trying to keep cool during this crazy heat wave we’ve been having. I am beyond ready for Fall fashion, but it’s been way too warm to rock some of my favorite fall pieces! I am a sucker for a good chambray, yet sometimes I feel they can look a bit man-ish. The cold shoulder style is a great way to transition into Fall, keep it cool while showing just the right amount of skin, and femme up this otherwise masculine look. I have been seeing these tops everywhere and though I am a self proclaimed shopaholic, I thought it would be way more fun to make my own!  How do you think it turned out?

Want to make your own cold shoulder chambray…?  Here’s what you’ll need!

1. a chambray top… any kind will do! I used this J.Crew denim chambray that was just hanging in my closet begging to be deconstructed!

2.  some kind of writing utensil that will show up on the material of your top… I used the Urban Decay 24/7 liner pencil in Yeyo as it is easy to see on denim and washes right off!

3. straight pins.

4. a needle and thread. (try to closely match the thread to your top… the end result will be much cleaner looking)

That’s it!!! No sewing machine needed… I feel it is easier to stitch the hem by hand!

+ put your shirt on inside out

+mark up where you want to make your cut-outs on one arm only

+ cut along the guideline you have made

+ use this cut-out as your guide for the other arm

+ once both shoulders have been cut out pin over the uneven edges about 1/4 of an inch

+ you can use a hem-stitch or a running stich to hem the shoulder cut-outs, creating a clean finish (the hem-stitch is less visible, yet the running stitch is quicker… if your thread closely matches your material no need to worry)

++ note: your shirt is inside out throughout this whole process!

+ once finished, flip that shirt right side out and admire your beautiful work

+ last but not least, keep cool, look hot, and rock your new cold shoulder chambray!!