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Make My Day: Ode To The B&W Photo

 Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Things aren’t always black & white… or are they? If you couldn’t already tell by my recent Instys, I’ve been REALLY into black and white photography as of late. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Fall and I’m so over the bright brights of summer. Maybe it’s that my eye is always drawn to the juxtaposition of black and white highlights. Or… maybe it’s just the fact that black is my fav color, or rather lack of color [sorry. always has been. always will be.] Whatever the case may be… I’m into it.

I love photography. You’ll rarely see me without a camera around my neck. I never studied it which is probably why I’m constantly taking photos, learning new techniques, and striving to become better. Photography is so subjective which, to me, is the beauty of it. I think Warhol said it best…

Make Art Andy Warhol Quote

This weekend I laid low [which was exactly what I needed]. I played around with some new g-free recipes [coming soon ;) ] , took a beautiful run through GG park with my ‘niece’ [<–she’s a Jack Russell BTW…  girl can run], babysat my nephew [can you say slumber party??], cuddled with my pup [DUH], watched some Halloween movies to get into the spirit,  and of course… snapped a few hundred pics.

Some weekend highlights via black & white photos… of course!!

Camera and Tripod

[My camera + trusty tripod… dynamic duo]

black and white Frida in the sun

[My muse. She has my whole heart.]

Frida face closeup black and white

[Seriously, good luck finding a cuter creature!]

Cow Skull GG Park

[Cow skulls in Golden Gate.]

black and white daisies

[Lazy daisies.]

sidewalk sign GG park

[Walk this way.]

Kikadoo and Frida


reading glasses the happiness project

[A good read.]

Lucho tiny toes

[My nephew… I could eat these toes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.]

So… what were your weekend highlights?

xx katie.jpg

Introducing What’s In My… Wednesday!

kikadoo pumpkin spice tea latte.jpg

I don’t know about you… but I’m obsessed with “what’s in my” posts on blogs, articles in magazines, YouTube vids, etc. etc. What’s in my purse? What’s in my makeup bag? What’s in my closet? What’s in my kitchen? I love it all! Maybe it’s a bit voyeuristic… but I love feeling like I’m getting a secret sneak peak at people’s fav products.

I’ve had a few “what’s in my” posts on the back burner. As a self proclaimed product junkie, it seemed like kind of a daunting task… plus I’m constantly buying and trying new products, testing out new recipes, and finding new favs. [<– thus, what’s in my fill in the blank changes on the reg].

Instead of spilling all of my secrets at once, I decided to break it up. This way I can keep all of my little ‘doos [that’s you] super up to date on my current favs! I’ll be sharing my favorite beauty products, tastiest GF recipes and snacks, and of course those random little products that totally make my world go round. Pretty please comment below or let me know via FB, Twitter, or Insty if you have any special requests! I love hearing from you guys!!

If you haven’t already caught on… I’m pretty darn excited that it is finally Fall!! So, to kick off What’s In My… Wednesday we’re going to start with what’s in my kitchen! I want to share one of my favorite Fall treats with you! This is how I start each and every day. To me, it tastes like a nice warm cup full of heaven. It’s my take on the traditional PSL [Pumpkin Spice Latte], only IMHO it’s way tastier [and healthier too]!

In the past I was a total coffee addict. It was bad. My body needed coffee to function. If I didn’t have a huge cup of coffee [or ten] upon waking I would be hit with an excruciating caffeine withdrawal headache. The only fix for that was more caffeine. Needless to say it became a vicious cycle. I recently made the transition to tea and honestly… I feel like a million bucks.

Kikadoo Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte Recipe Card with border.jpg

It tastes so rich and creamy, fills me up, and warms my heart! P.S. It’s good over ice too ;)

So… what’s your favorite way to start the morning?