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Real vs. Steal: Hat-Trick


I love headwear. Period. Especially in the form of a good snapback. Throwing on a cap is definitely my go to move when I want to hit the gym, run errands ( aka shop ), or just don’t feel like spending an hour brushing out my rat’s nest. IDK why… but sometimes I feel like if I’m wearing a hat I’m all of a sudden invisible and can go about my day with no distractions.

Sometimes, however, a hat is not just a cover-up, but rather a strategically placed part of the whole ensemble. I’ve been obsessed with this cutie for quite some time. It pretty much calls my name every time I walk into UO… which is far too often. I will say that this “Real” is totally budget friendly, and if you’re all about rocking headwear I would go for it. However, if you’re new to the hat game and not so sure how often you would actually sport it, opt for the “Steal”. It’s equally as cute for a quarter of the price so you pretty much can’t go wrong.


+ Real: Urban Outfitter’s Profound Aesthetic Portland 5-Panel Hat $42

+ Steal: FXXI Funky Floral 5-Panel Hat $11

Soooo… what would you do? Splurge on the real or save with the steal?