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Extra Extra… Read All About It: The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide

The Fashion Bite Katie Roof The Skinny Confidential Lauryn Evarts Lifestyle Guide Book

Soooo… my friend Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential wrote a book. Ya, like as in she’s a published author. I know, I know, I am beyond proud. I about fainted when I saw it on the shelves at Barnes & Noble… when I came to I proceeded to tell everyone in the store… “That’s my friieeennnnddd!!!” #braggingrights


I can’t imagine what a huge undertaking it is to write a book. It’s like giving birth to a child. I know she poured her heart and soul into this and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this baby. The second I got it I whipped myself up a fresh green juice, set aside a few hours sans computer ( shocking ), and totally devoured this little gem… cover to cover.

Anyhow… If you don’t already have it, lemme tell you you’re missing out big time. Lauryn is seriously a walking, talking encyclopedia of anything and everything health, food, fashion, and fitness. Like, she’s got all that sh*t down to a science… literally.

So, what will you find in this book…? Amazing pics, healthy and EASY recipes, the low-down on juicing and cleansing, workout tips, beauty must-haves, tons of time-savers, relationship advice ( cuz nobody likes “love chub” ← ew ) , and so so so much more.


Do yourself a fav and run to your nearest B&N. If you’re a hermit like me you can hit up amazon, or download the ebook on iBooks. I’m dying to know what you think… but I already know you’ll love it!! Oh, and don’t forget to snap an insty and tag #theskinnyconfidential for a chance to be featured on Lauryn’s blog!!

Oh, and if you are in the SD area, don’t miss out on on the book launch partaaayyy… here are the deets…




TBT: My Claim To Fame!!

baby kika

Ok folks… so we are throwin’ it wayyyyy back. Here it is… my debut album [[well, not MY album per se… but I’m in it]] At the ripe old age of 4 I was a part of this project to raise awareness about environmental issues. Not quite sure how this happened, or that I knew what recycling meant… but I was singin’ about it! “What ya gona do with all that trash? Recycle it! Recycle it!!” We recorded this album with Michael Mish. Not only did he do tons of cartoon voices back in the day {Speedy Gonzales, Scappy Doo, Duck Tales}, he was also the nicest guy! He is still singin’ songs about protecting our planet to this very day. If you ever find yourself checking out “A Kid’s Eyeview of the Environment” listen for me… I’m the one with the crazy (yet endearing?) speech impediment [<– seriously]. And just in case you were wondering, it is available on iTunes {lol}.

a kids eye view of the environment tape


In all seriousness though, we were way ahead of our time, and it is a super fun memento of my childhood [& queuing it up on my iPhone is also a really fun way to torture my friends ;)]