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Check ya later Kikadoo… The Fashion Bite has officially arrived!!

Don’t get me wrong… Kikadoo will always hold a special place in my heart, but let’s face it… it was time to move on to bigger and better! As a new blogger way back when, a cute ‘lil nickname that appealed to my friends and fam totally fit the bill, but fast forward to the present and it just wasn’t cutting it. To my dedicated readers… thanks for putting Kikadoo on the map and allowing me to grow! I know you’ll love The Fashion Bite a milly times more!

So… what exactly is The Fashion Bite? Well, it’s the perfect marriage of my two favorite things… fashion & food! <– healthy food that is! You will still find your fav fashion and beauty posts as seen on Kikadoo ( such as ‘Real vs. Steal’ and ‘What’s In My’ )… HOWEVER, I now aim to bring you tons of new delicious, healthy, G-free recipe makeovers as well as sharing my favorite gluten-friendly restaurants, snacks, and healthy tips and tricks with all of you.

What’s new? Pretty much everything! New design, new logo, new domain, and most importantly new name!!! If you visit Kikadoo you will be re-routed to The Fashion Bite, but you might as well bookmark the new url while you’re here… & while you’re at it make sure to follow me on Bloglovin, like me on Facebook, and check out my Insty, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So… what do YOU want to see here on The Fashion Bite? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.


My Gluten Free Story

Kikadoo Katie Roof My Gluten Free Story.jpg

[I have been waiting to share my gluten free story with all of you. I always like to keep it fun, fresh, and fashionable here on the blog; but let’s get real… sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Here is mine.]

Most of my readers know that I am strictly gluten free… but very few know why. It’s not for fun, it’s not to be trendy, and it’s certainly not out of convenience. I am gluten free so that I can thrive, survive, and enjoy life.

Many many years ago I was incredibly ill. The cause was unknown, but as time went by I could hardly function. I was in and out of the hospital, was dropped from most of my classes as my attendance was less than stellar, and lost the majority of my friends. When you are 21 going on 80 you’re not exactly a hoot to be around. I felt terrible the majority of the time, couldn’t go out and party, alcohol was a definite no-no in my condition, and I truly felt like my life was slipping away. I moved back home as I needed lots of physical and emotional support. [My fam is the best BTW!]

I saw doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, and underwent test after test. Taking care of me and running around from appointment to appointment became a full time job for my family [esp the Mama]. I was diagnosed with a myriad of illnesses,  was prescribed a ridiculous amount of medications from anti-seizure meds to anti-depressants [at one point I was popping 30+ pills a day], and overall I continued to feel worse and worse. I looked awful, felt awful, and all in all things were pretty freaking awful.

I had kind of resigned myself to the fact that this would be how my life would play out. Sick, tired, and constantly in pain. It wasn’t until years later that one of my doctors recommend that I go gluten free. I underwent blood and saliva tests that showed a definite gluten sensitivity. He told me to go strictly g-free for a solid six weeks and see how I feel. Let me say, I was sold in way less than six weeks.

After two weeks I started feeling alive again. I was less achy, experienced less joint pain, had more energy, and could think more clearly. The longer I avoided gluten, the better I felt. It was as if my entire system had gotten a re-boot.

I became a gluten guru… reading EVERYTHING there was to read on gluten and a gluten free lifestyle. I can now look at an ingredient list and in about .85 seconds tell you if it contains gluten. Gluten is a sneaky little devil and can take on so many forms. Just because you don’t see wheat, barley, rye, or oats in the ingredients does NOT mean the product is gluten free. Also, beware of labels saying “free of gluten” or “wheat free”. They are marketing ploys. Only trust the official GF stamp and your own good sense.

I am now 100% gluten free [and have been for quite some time]. This includes everything that goes into or onto my body [yes… makeup, shampoo, lotions, etc. can have the same nasty effect on me]. I am never tempted to “cheat”. Nothing in the world could possibly taste that good… and to be honest, I don’t miss a thing. Actually, I do miss one thing: Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. My favorite chapstick since the age of 3. They are so amazing and so not g-free :( [Wheat germ oil is one of the main ingredients. Wah wah.] Ok, so other than the Lip Smackers… I don’t miss a thing.

Since I have gone gluten free I have been “poisoned” a handful of times. Even if you are completely diligent in your g-free efforts, it can still happen. Let’s face it. You’ve got to live your life. This means eating out at restaurants or at other people’s homes. Not everyone can be as careful as you… and honestly, you can’t expect them to. Plus there’s always the matter of cross contamination. I would say I prepare 90% of the food that I put into my body, and with the other 10% I just have to pray for the best.

I will know if I got “glutened” within hours… and the negative effects typically last 3 – 5 weeks. I’m not gonna lie, it totally sucks. The nausea, headaches, brain fog, joint pain, body aches, tenderness to the touch, and fatigue all come rushing back. I spent one Christmas “glutened” and couldn’t even be hugged by my family members as it was so painful to be touched. My whole body felt like a bruise. And forget about cute clothes. Times like these call for the baggiest of baggy sweats as waistbands and bras become the stuff of nightmares. I haven’t found a great way to fight this quite yet… but I’m working on it. Aloe vera juice is very cleansing and the last time I got “glutened” I chugged aloe like it was my  job. I only felt terrible for about two weeks that time instead of the usual 3-5.

I feel that it is only appropriate to share my GF journey with my dedicated little ‘doos [that’s you]. I want you all to know that every recipe I post and every product I recommend is totally g-free and safe [in my experience]. I also want you to know that if you have questions about going gluten free or are experiencing road bumps on your own GF journey I want you to talk to me. Trust me, I’ve been through it all and nothing would make me happier than helping out a g-free friend in need.

xx katie.jpg

Make My Day: Ode To The B&W Photo

 Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Things aren’t always black & white… or are they? If you couldn’t already tell by my recent Instys, I’ve been REALLY into black and white photography as of late. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Fall and I’m so over the bright brights of summer. Maybe it’s that my eye is always drawn to the juxtaposition of black and white highlights. Or… maybe it’s just the fact that black is my fav color, or rather lack of color [sorry. always has been. always will be.] Whatever the case may be… I’m into it.

I love photography. You’ll rarely see me without a camera around my neck. I never studied it which is probably why I’m constantly taking photos, learning new techniques, and striving to become better. Photography is so subjective which, to me, is the beauty of it. I think Warhol said it best…

Make Art Andy Warhol Quote

This weekend I laid low [which was exactly what I needed]. I played around with some new g-free recipes [coming soon ;) ] , took a beautiful run through GG park with my ‘niece’ [<–she’s a Jack Russell BTW…  girl can run], babysat my nephew [can you say slumber party??], cuddled with my pup [DUH], watched some Halloween movies to get into the spirit,  and of course… snapped a few hundred pics.

Some weekend highlights via black & white photos… of course!!

Camera and Tripod

[My camera + trusty tripod… dynamic duo]

black and white Frida in the sun

[My muse. She has my whole heart.]

Frida face closeup black and white

[Seriously, good luck finding a cuter creature!]

Cow Skull GG Park

[Cow skulls in Golden Gate.]

black and white daisies

[Lazy daisies.]

sidewalk sign GG park

[Walk this way.]

Kikadoo and Frida


reading glasses the happiness project

[A good read.]

Lucho tiny toes

[My nephew… I could eat these toes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.]

So… what were your weekend highlights?

xx katie.jpg

Real vs. Steal: I Didn’t Steal Your Boyfriend… Jeans


I’m not much of a jeans person. My typical ‘uniform’ typically consists of leggings or tights, an oversized vintage band tee, some cute ankle booties, tons of bracelets and rings, and if I’m feeling frisky, a flowy shawl or kimono. [This one’s my all time fav… you can pick it up here.]

However, lately I have been living in my skinny boyfriend jeans [I mean, sometimes the best kind of boyfriend is a denim one]. These jeans are comfy and casual, go with everything, and are the perfect balance between practical and on trend. I like to pair mine with a simple tee, ankle boots [these little loves by Ecote are some of my favs], or a cute pair of loafers. [Buyer beware… please don’t pair your BF jeans with flip flops, tennis shoes, or knee boots. You won’t look effortlessly chic, you’ll just look like a Frumpy Mc Frumpster in baggy pants!] As with most things in life, it’s all about the shoes… so keep ’em femme to balance out the pants.

Pretty much every company under the sun has their own take on the boyfriend jean. Spending $200+ on a pair of jeans is so ten years ago. I used to do this all the time in college because being preppy and blending in was all the rage, but ya know what… screw normalcy. I absolutely cringe at the way I used to dress because it was sooooo not me, and it showed. [A pricey pair of Sevens, Jack Purcells, and a button up. Ick. So cute on some peeps… but I’m not one of them.] I say be yourself. If you feel just as cute and comfortable in a $20 pair of jeans as you do in a $200 then  go for it. Think about all of the other cool shiz you can get with the money you saved. Saving money doesn’t always mean sacrificing quality… sometimes it just means being smart! Plus some people [not mentioning any names here… ahem… {ME}] may or may not have a shopping addiction [obvi], so if spending less = shopping more you can count me in. Like I said here… if I’m going to splurge, it’s gonna be on wine and handbags ;)

Kikadoo Real vs Steal Skinny Boyfriend Jeans AG HM.jpg

Anyhooooo… here is a super cute pair of AG ‘Tomboy’ jeans as seen on the likes of Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, and Rachel Bilson. They’re adorbs… they’ll also run you $228 smackers. And here is my pick for a just as cute pair at a fraction of the price.

So… what do you think. Would you splurge on the real or save with the steal?

P.S. My babe Fashionlush and I looooove going into H&M and dropping $$$$$ like it’s our job [I mean… it kind of is]. H&M finally has an online store. This is soooo bad for my bank account… but great for my soul [and the economy]!!

xx katie.jpg

What’s In My… Beauty Bag

Kikadoo Darphin Rose Facial Oil The Skin Savior.jpg

Lately, my skin has been super dry… and if my skin is not perfect I freak the eff out! I’m a hypochondriac, so I was pretty much diagnosing myself with every skin issue under the sun… one week it was “my eczema is flaring up” and the next it was “ugh, check out my impetigo” [I was also buying tons of products that weren’t working]. My fam and friends had no prob pointing out the fact that I was bat shiz cray and nothing was wrong with me. The truth is… nothing was “wrong” with me. My skin was just dry. A) I recently moved from SD to SF, so the change in climate was partially to blame … and B) Hello, it’s Fall! A change in season always means you may have to tweak your skin care routine just a bit… so I did.

Who knew this magic potion would be the cure? Darphin’s Organic Rose Aromatic Face Oil is seriously life changing. I had gotten a sample of it and fell head over heels. After one use not only was the dryness gone [I mean… gone], but my skin was seriously glowing! I wouldn’t typically drop $70 bucks on a tiny bottle of oil, but I was back at the store the very next day because I knew I couldn’t live without it. [I also scored some more samples to give to my friends and fam for putting up with my crazy a**] This product contains rose hip oil and evening primrose oil, among many others. Darphin makes all of their own essential oils so they are super high quality and super pure. This stuff smells like heaven, completely calms my senses, and is a skin savior!

Kikadoo Darphin Paris Rose Aromatic Care.jpg

Skin oils are formulated to balance your skin’s hydration level. Lotions sometimes over-hydrate, or simply sit on top of the skin and are never absorbed. Do you ever feel like you are moisturizing like crazy yet your skin remains parched…? Yep, that’s why. Oils are basically the answer to every skin problem… even acne! Got oily skin? There’s a skin oil for that. Rosacea…? Skin oil to the rescue! Oils aren’t one size fits all though… so do your research.

Ideally your skin oil should be 100% natural and organic, free of parabens and any other icky stuff, and be non-comedogenic. Darphin has got you covered on all of those bases. They offer a huge range of oils, depending on your needs. I highly recommend checking them out. [BTW, this is not a sponsored post… I’m just a big fan]

If their price point seems a little steep remember that you only need to use five small drops, so it will last and last. However, you totally have other, more affordable options. Loreal offers a more pocket friendly facial oil. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard great things. Also, don’t forget about your local Whole Foods. They have aisles of oils and the folks in the Whole Body section are super knowledgeable about skincare!

I hope you’re no longer afraid to oil up! I know I’m not. So, spill… what’s in your beauty bag?

xx katie.jpg

I’ll Cheers To That…

Kikadoo Make My Day Monday Artesa.jpg.jpg

This past weekend was all about family, which is exactly how I like it. The whole crew was in town so we figured we might as well spend the weekend doing what we do best… vino tasting!

Kikadoo Nopalito San Francisco.jpg

Friday night we had dinner at Nopalito. OMG. Let me just say it is now my fav restaurant in SF. The food was to die, the margs were delish and kept on flowing, the service was impeccable, and practically the whole menu was gluten free! We ordered a bunch of tapas… family style, and devoured empanadas, carne asada, tamales, and more. For dessert… homemade dark chocolate cinnamon popsicles. Yum!

Kikadoo red barn vinyards Napa.jpg

Saturday we were off to wine country. It was my nephew’s first wine tasting experience. I mean, I can’t think of a better way to spend your five month b-day… can you?

Kikadoo Lucho Nephew 5 months.jpg

We hit our favorite spots… Jacuzzi and Artesa. We’re all about the wine clubs… joining really pays off because you get to relax in the private tasting rooms where the vino keeps on flowing. [<– I’ll cheers to that!] The chocolate port shots are an added bonus ;)

Kikadoo Jacuzzi Sonoma chocolate port shots.jpg

We ended the night in downtown Sonoma with dinner at the Swiss Hotel. The food was delish… and so was the champagne gelato!


Cheers to family, food, and fun!

What did you cheers to this weekend?

xx katie.jpg



Fancy Pants

Kikadoo Fashion Friday Real vs Steal Fancy Pants.jpg.jpg

If you are at all into online shopping / browsing / scoping fashion blogs chances are you’ve come across these pants a time or two. Call them what you wish… harem pants, genie pants, I’ve even heard them referred to as “Pinterest Pants”. The Mariner pant by Joie is basically a super chic sweat pant that can be totally dressed up or down. I mean, sweats that are socially acceptable to wear out to a dinner party or a night on the town…? Count me in! They’d also be super cute for the holidays [Thanksgiving + elastic waistband = a winning combo]!

Kikadoo Fashion Friday Real vs Steal Genie Harem Pants Joie Mariner Pant vs HM.jpg.jpg

They retail for $168… however, I found a similar pair at my local H&M for only $17.95. I love this price point because as with any trend they could be here today and gone tomorrow. I would hate to spend $100+ bucks on a pair of sweats that I’ll be over by next season. So what do you think… are you digging these genie pants? Would you spend one wish on the “real” or go for the “steal”?

xx katie.jpg

Introducing What’s In My… Wednesday!

kikadoo pumpkin spice tea latte.jpg

I don’t know about you… but I’m obsessed with “what’s in my” posts on blogs, articles in magazines, YouTube vids, etc. etc. What’s in my purse? What’s in my makeup bag? What’s in my closet? What’s in my kitchen? I love it all! Maybe it’s a bit voyeuristic… but I love feeling like I’m getting a secret sneak peak at people’s fav products.

I’ve had a few “what’s in my” posts on the back burner. As a self proclaimed product junkie, it seemed like kind of a daunting task… plus I’m constantly buying and trying new products, testing out new recipes, and finding new favs. [<– thus, what’s in my fill in the blank changes on the reg].

Instead of spilling all of my secrets at once, I decided to break it up. This way I can keep all of my little ‘doos [that’s you] super up to date on my current favs! I’ll be sharing my favorite beauty products, tastiest GF recipes and snacks, and of course those random little products that totally make my world go round. Pretty please comment below or let me know via FB, Twitter, or Insty if you have any special requests! I love hearing from you guys!!

If you haven’t already caught on… I’m pretty darn excited that it is finally Fall!! So, to kick off What’s In My… Wednesday we’re going to start with what’s in my kitchen! I want to share one of my favorite Fall treats with you! This is how I start each and every day. To me, it tastes like a nice warm cup full of heaven. It’s my take on the traditional PSL [Pumpkin Spice Latte], only IMHO it’s way tastier [and healthier too]!

In the past I was a total coffee addict. It was bad. My body needed coffee to function. If I didn’t have a huge cup of coffee [or ten] upon waking I would be hit with an excruciating caffeine withdrawal headache. The only fix for that was more caffeine. Needless to say it became a vicious cycle. I recently made the transition to tea and honestly… I feel like a million bucks.

Kikadoo Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte Recipe Card with border.jpg

It tastes so rich and creamy, fills me up, and warms my heart! P.S. It’s good over ice too ;)

So… what’s your favorite way to start the morning?


Make My Day

Make My Day Monday Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2013 Golden Gate Park.jpg

So… I basically had the best weekend EVER. It was filled with totally unplanned adventures and it was totally amazing. I’m definitely an OCD planner. Sometimes it’s so great to be reminded of how nice it feels to just go where the wind takes you.

We kicked off our Friday morning with the March For The Elephants [an international peaceful protest to raise awareness and support the elephants]. Over 35,000 are killed each year for their ivory and if things continue this way they are on the fast track to extinction. Elephants are my second favorite non-domestic animal [and that’s saying a lot]!! I’ve never taken part in anything like this, but I’m glad I did. I met some really great people and supported an important cause.

Tella and friends march for the elephants

It’s so nice to see our four-legged friends supporting one another. [That’s my ‘niece’ Tella on the left]

My sister and her hubby have the raddest house in San Fran. Golden Gate Park is literally their backyard, so we do a lot of exploring.

Classical Guitar Playing Jukebox Monkey Golden Gate Park HSB

A totally normal sight… The Classical Guitar Jukebox Monkey… who else?

 We wandered over to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival [a three day fest in the heart of Golden Gate Park]. We were blown away. There were so many amazing bands playing and the whole thing is free. Yes, free. Needless to say… we kept coming back for more.

The Rooster Stage Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2013.jpg

Let me start by saying that I get my love of music from my dad. He is incredibly musically talented and he is like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to musicians and bands. Growing up he would always quiz me in the car… Who sings this? What instrument is that? [He still does this BTW and I’m so grateful for it.] He recently got me a mandolin and I’m working on some tunes. Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll start a father/daughter duo. Lol.

Kikadoo Katie and Frida Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2013

Enjoying this magical day with my little.

We saw so many incredible acts. Some of my favs included Conor Oberst, Bonnie Rait, Steve Martin [yes, that Steve Martin. For those of you who didn’t know… he plays a mean banjo], Chris Izaak, the legendary Emmylou Harris, and my fav act of the festival… First Aid Kit.


These girls folk’n rock! Do yourselves a fav and check them out. P.S. They’re sisters :)

Kikadoo Frida and Mama little moments

My mini-me and I having a moment as Emmylou serenades us.

sky on fire golden gate park hardly strictly bluegrass festival

The cherry on top of our beautiful weekend. This ridiculous view as we walked home from the fest. No filter. The sky looked like it was on fire… I think it was radiating all of the positive energy.

So, tell me… what made your weekend?

Real vs. Steal: Boot Camp

Kikadoo Blog Fash Friday Real vs Steal Sam Edelman Nolan Buckle Ankle Boots Sam & Libby Paxton Strappy Ankle Boots.jpg.jpg

Are you dying over these Sam Edelman booties? So was I… until I saw the price. $312 is just a little on the steep side… and a lot out of my budget for one pair of shoes.

What’s a girl to do when she can’t always get what she wants… or can she? These booties from Targé are freakishly similar. Even freakier is the price. $45 bucks. Are you insane. I’ll take it!

So, what do you babes think? Would you splurge for the REAL or opt for the STEAL?

xx katie.jpg