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Long Hair Don’t Care


It’s that time again… our newest KT+E Unplugged viddy is up and at ’em. This time it’s all about that looooooong long hair.

It’s pretty clear that long hair is here to stay… why? Because it’s sexy, feminine, and let’s face it… everything just looks better when accompanied by long, luscious locks. Fortunately, long hair is no longer just for the super lucky, the uber patient, or Rapunzel. Anyone can have long, flowing mermaid hair if they so desire. How you ask…? Easy, just fake it ’til you make it.

So, my babe Erica and I are head over heels about Bellami clip in hair extensions. They are insane. Bellami uses 100% human hair so not only do the extensions look super real ( cuz I mean, they are ), but you are free to heat style them… curly, wavy, straight… whatever your little heart desires ( oh, and p.s. Bellami makes some pretty epic styling tools ). Bellami offers 18″, 20″, and 22″ extensions as well as clip in bangs in a muriad of sexy colors. Don’t know what color to pick…? No worries, the babes at Bellami will help you pick your perfect match.

Check out our latest viddy on how to put them in, style them up, and rock them out!


Happy Monday!


– Pretty new jewels, stored in my critter dish of course! –

So, it’s Monday ( aka everyone’s favorite day / NOT ) … instead of spending mine with a serious case of the Mondays… I prefer to spend it reflecting on the past seven days and what made them totally amazing… oh ya, & get pumped up for the week ahead.

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Good-Read Alexa Chung It

   – A lazy morning read. Borrowed this book from my babe Fashionlush & devoured it in a                hot minute. –


– Can’t get through the days without these… my little idea book to jot down my thoughts whenever inspiration strikes ( typically in the middle of the night, am I right ) & my fav EOS lip balm. –


– I mean… are you kidding me with this face?!? My little Frida melts my heart! –


– Lips á la Saint Laurent… need I say more? –


– A little organic dark chocolate never hurt anyone. –


   – Seriously, the sweetest bday gift from my bestie! A tiny sideways initial necklace in the form of      an “F” for Frida… naturally! –

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Holiday-CupsMy favorite passion tea …

– YAY! The Starbucks holiday cups have officially arrived!! –


– A ‘lil sneak peek of our upcoming tutorial for KT+E Unplugged #longhairdontcare –

So spill, I want to know… what makes your day??



Rainbow Brite


My girl Fashionlushxx and I have a to “DYE” for product review over on our YouTube channel: KT+E Unplugged. We have been super into the Dip Dye // Colorful hair trend and feel that it will be making a total resurgence for Spring 2013 [[<– which I can’t wait for btdubs]].

Anyhooo, we have played around with various methods of achieving the Dip Dye look without putting our hair through hell. I was a fan of the Anastasia Hypercolor Hair Powder. It’s good for a one-nighter and washes out in one shampoo. A word to the wise… stick to wearing dark colors and watch your pillowcase when using this product. I mean, it is powder… so it tends to wander. Though the Anastasia powder did the job, we weren’t quite satisfied… that is until we discovered Watercolor!!

This may be my favorite product of the moment, and as a self proclaimed product junkie, that’s saying a lot! This stuff seriously made my hair look, feel, and smell like a million buck$. It’s a super hydrating hair mask that also adds a pop of color. It comes in purple, blue, yellow, red, & pink and you can pick it up at Urban Outfitters[<– select stores only], or order it off their website.

My hair is light brown… somewhere around a level 5 – 6. It showed up really well in my hair, especially toward the ends which are naturally lighter. I basically saturated my hair in this mask from roots to tips.  Erica’s hair is a bit darker… probably around a level 4. It still showed up nicely in her hair, but it was more of a “tint” effect. She applied the mask to the lower 1/3rd of her hair. We found that we got the best results by applying it to dry hair and letting it set for about 30 mins. Then just shower as usual and rinse it out [don’t shampoo… just rinse. You don’t want to dilute it too much.]

I applied the mask on Friday and have shampooed three times since. It’s still lookin’ good. The color gets more subtle with each shampoo, but this stuff has definitely got some staying power. I would use this product for the way it makes my hair feel alone. The ridiculously good smell and cute colors are a total added bonus. I will definitely be buying more in the very near future. Don’t forget to check out our viddy for a detailed review… and while you’re at it… SUBSCRIBE!!



V-Day Love Mugs XO

KT+E Unplugged Love Mugs

Well, Valentine’s day is right around the corner… do you know what you’re getting that special someone?? If your answer was yes then good for you!! If not, read on… As you know by now my girl Fashionlushxx and I have a YouTube channel. We decided to get a little lovey dovey over the weekend and came up with a cute V-day tutorial. It’s quick & easy… right up my alley. All you need is a mug, a sharpie, an oven, and about 30 minutes. This gift is perfect for your mom, dad, grandma, gramps, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, your BFF, your boss, Mr. right, Mr. not-so-right, pretty much anyone… I think you catch my drift. I mean… who doesn’t enjoy a warm beverage every now and then. I know I do. Check out KT+E Unplugged for full DIY directions.

Conversation hearts

The final product… my his + hers love mug. & it wouldn’t be V-day without some conversation hearts.


What To Wear Wednesdays: PLL Steez

As promised in last week’s post… we have created a PLL inspired DIY fashion tutorial over at KT+E Unplugged. Who else was lusting over Aria’s studded hoodie from the winter premier?? I know I was. I wanted to see it hanging in my closet STAT so I took it upon myself to make it happen. I gathered the needed supplies and got to work. Here’s how it turned out…

pretty little liars studded hoodie

Here’s what you’ll need:

+ a hoodieany hoodie will do. I went with basic black while Fashionlushxx gravitated toward gray [we got ours at H&Mwhat’s new?]

+ studs: We went with a 1/2 inch conical stud which we ordered ours from Studs & Spikes.com

+ a flat-head screw driver: this will help you to pinch down the prongs on each stud

We chose to stud along the pockets and the rim of the hood… but you can do whatever tickles your fancy. It’s your project so have fun with it!

Head on over to KT+E Unplugged to watch the tutorial… and while you’re there DON”T forget to subscribe!!


TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Fitness – Sweaty Swag

I typically spend my Friday’s workin’ on my fitness & filming for KT+E Unplugged’s FAB YouTube channel. [[We have SUCH a fun tutorial comin’ your way!!]] So… Here’s what I wore to hit the gym:

Kikadoo Sweaty Swag 2

+ My fave new “Swag Timestee: H&M <– stolen from the men 

+ Black hoodie: H&M <– stolen from the men

+ Black leggings

+ Neon sneaks: Target

+ As always… my fave black leather bucket bag aka “the black hole“: H&M


hmmm… I’m seeing a theme develop here… do you think I like H&M or what??


Got a Secret… Can you keep it??

Pretty Little Liars A

Shhh… I’m spilling my secrets. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and I ain’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops. It’s one of my fave guilty pleasures. Just when I think I’ve got it all figured out the A team throws us another curve ball. I’m not gona lie… I’ve always been a little bit creeped out by Toby. There’s just something about him that has always rubbed me the wrong way and now we know why. Rumor has it that tonight Spencer will also find out the truth about Toby! It should be a pretty juicy episode and I seriously can’t wait! Speaking of PLLKT+E Unplugged will be bringing you a PLL inspired tutorial so stay tuned b!tches.  A


Thoughtful Thursdays: Thoughts Become Things.

whether you think you can or think you cant you're right

Let me just start out by saying that I am high on life this week. I have been uber productive and though I may have sacrificed some sleep, I have been making moves and having a ton of fun in the process. Eeeeekso many fun projects in the works… I can’t wait to share with all my Kikadoo’ers!! This quote pretty much sums up how I am feeling at the moment.


Must Have Mondays: Let’s Talk About Brows Baby!!

Some might say that I’m a bit brow-obsessed… and they would be right. I think if more people knew what a properly shaped brow could do for their entire look they would hop on board the brow wagon as well. Let me start by saying how brows absolutely frame your face and complete your look. You may be rocking the hottest outfit, bombshell hair, and killer makeup… BUT… if your brows aren’t done it will look like something’s missing! I honestly don’t even go to the gym without filling in my brows! Here are a few helpful hints…
123 brows
Everyone has a natural shape to their brows. You may have a high arch [think Megan Fox], a rounded arch [think Jennifer Aniston], or no arch [think Selena Gomez]. You may prefer a more modest brow or a big, bold, beautiful brow. Work with what God gave you, as well as your personal preference. If you are new to the brow scene I recommend going to a professional. They will be able to shape your brow in the most appropriate and flattering shape for your face {got a Benefit Brow Bar near by?? They are my personal fave!!} If you choose to brave it on your own, please follow these simple rules of thumb…

Brows 101
1) Take a pencil and hold it vertically along the side of your nose. Where the pencil and your eyebrow meet is where the brow should start.
2) Again, take the pencil and look straight ahead. Line the pencil up with your pupil. Where the pencil ends should be the highest point of your arch.
3) Take the pencil one last time and hold the pencil from the side of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye so that it extends to the eyebrow region. This should be where your brow ends.

benefit brows a go go

My absolute fave product for filling in my brows is Benefit’s Brows a-go-go kit. It has anything and everything you could ever need to shape and accentuate your brows. It contains a light and dark color of the brow zings powder, brow zings wax, eye bright & brow highlighter, mini tweezers, an angled brush, and smokin’ black eyeliner. Whether you’re a brow newbie or a seasoned pro… this kit is the perfect fit. As you now know, the fab Fashionlushxx and I have joined forces to bring you KT+E Unplugged. Check out our latest viddy for a step by step tutorial on how to get epic brows!!

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