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A Little Treat For My Loves… YOU!


You guys probably know that I’m obsessed… like obsessed with Bobbi Brown. No, not Whitney’s ex-hubs… the makeup guru. I mean, I’ve featured their products many times. Remember this one? Ya… Pale Pink, aka the best blush in the WORLD. C’mon. This is the blush Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, and if it’s good enough for the duchess… it’s good enough for me!

Here are some of my other can’t live without Bobbi products. And because I love you guys so much… you all get 20% off of limited edition Bobbi Brown cosmetics now through Friday. Not only is this a crazy good discount… but proceeds benefit ‘Dress for Success Worldwide’, an amazing organization that empowers disadvantaged women to be their best. Discount + Do-gooding = a win win! So, hurry up and get your shop on!


I  Illuminating bronzing powder… for that perfect pop of color

II  Glitter nail polish… the perfect nude pink

III  Brightening finishing powder… for an all over glow

IV  Skin foundation stick… for flawless skin

V  Nude eye palate… the perfect 4-pack

VI  Lip shimmer… soft, moisturizing, and sheer

So… what are your can’t live without beauty goods?!?