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Dog Eat Dog


You guys… I’m beyond excited about today’s post! Why…? Because it mixes my 2 most FAVORITE things in the world… dogs + fashion. About a month ago I happened upon Bean, the cutest freaking brand ever! Tees, crew-necks, and beanies are right up my alley. The fact that they happen to be adorned with pups in a tongue-in-cheek / hipster kind of way is a total plus! Srsly. I am drooling over this shirt and this beanie!

The-Fashion-Bite Katie Roof -WLFHND-Bean-Goods-Wiener-Dogs-Luxe-Beanie-Chanel-Inspired

Anybody who knows me and / or follows The Fashion Bite knows that I am obsessed with my dog, Frida. She is my bestie, my partner in crime, and pretty much my reason for being. I honestly can’t even remember my life before she was in. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about my immense love for her. Anyhoooo, I was so impressed / obsessed with this dog inspired line I just had to get the scoop on how it came to be… so here it is, my interview with founder / creator / and super rad chic Claire Wolfson ( and her dog, Bean ).

The-Fashion-Bite Katie Roof -Claire-Wolfson-and-Bean-Interview

The-Fashion-Bite-Katie Roof WLFHND-Bean-Goods-Q-&-A-with-Claire-Wolfson-and-Bean

Δ What motivated you to start your own line?

CW: Bean is inspired by our little black & tan dachshund. He suffered from a serious back injury common in his breed a few years back. He underwent major reconstructive surgery & miraculously made a full recovery. His strength & positivity inspired us to start Bean. My love for Bean & the bond that we share also inspired our new site, W L F H N D.

Δ How does Bean inspire you and your work?

CW: He’s just hilarious. He has multiple personalities in a good way. He’s the most loyal little creature I’ve ever met. He’s my rock honestly.

Δ Who do you envision wearing your pieces?

CW: We envision anyone with the combination of a great sense of humor, style & design, and obviously an immense love for dogs wearing our line.

Δ Which is your favorite piece to rock?

CW: My favorite piece is our Wiener Party crew. I am obsessed with smiley faces which is what inspired us to design this style. It’s definitely a piece you get double-takes with! Haha.

Δ If Bean could talk, what do you think he would say about the line that he inspired?

CW: “I am honored that my Mom & Dad have a brand inspired by me. It’s the best thing ever because I get to spend everyday with my Mom & brother Van in the office. My favorite piece in the line is also the Wiener Party crew. Don’t tell Mom, but my brother & I love to sneak sips of our parents’ beer!


So, there you have it! The low-down on Bean. No doubt I’ll be stuffin’ some stockings with these goods! It’s a dog’s life, and I love it :)


P.S. Make sure to scope their Holiday Lookbook… it’s insanely cute! While you’re at it, check out Bean’s goods in the Nylon shop!



Long Hair Don’t Care


It’s that time again… our newest KT+E Unplugged viddy is up and at ’em. This time it’s all about that looooooong long hair.

It’s pretty clear that long hair is here to stay… why? Because it’s sexy, feminine, and let’s face it… everything just looks better when accompanied by long, luscious locks. Fortunately, long hair is no longer just for the super lucky, the uber patient, or Rapunzel. Anyone can have long, flowing mermaid hair if they so desire. How you ask…? Easy, just fake it ’til you make it.

So, my babe Erica and I are head over heels about Bellami clip in hair extensions. They are insane. Bellami uses 100% human hair so not only do the extensions look super real ( cuz I mean, they are ), but you are free to heat style them… curly, wavy, straight… whatever your little heart desires ( oh, and p.s. Bellami makes some pretty epic styling tools ). Bellami offers 18″, 20″, and 22″ extensions as well as clip in bangs in a muriad of sexy colors. Don’t know what color to pick…? No worries, the babes at Bellami will help you pick your perfect match.

Check out our latest viddy on how to put them in, style them up, and rock them out!