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Real vs. Steal: Cuff Me

It’s no secret I loooooove me some MK&A, I mean, these girls just get it! When I saw this Elizabeth and James Delano Cuff I HAD to have it. The double gold bands with the Lapiz detailing… i die.
As much as I love this cuff… I knew there had to be steal out there, cuz let’s face it… I’d rather get a whole new outfit H2T than just one amazing piece. What I found is pretty darn close minus the gemstones, but whateves, it will still totally get the job done.


+ Elizabeth and James Delano Cuff $295

+ FXXI Classic Double Band Cuff $7.80

So what do u think? Do you die over the real, or would you be just as stoked on the steal?


What to Wear Wednesdays: Come as you are.

Flannel is absolutely one of my favorite trends of 2012! It’s comfy and cute with a Seattle grunge edge that totally reminds me of my youth! I’m completely mad about 90’s fashion and thrilled that it has made its reprise. My favorite way to wear flannel is over a vintage band tee & paired with some ripped black tights and boots. I feel there is a flannel for every occasion! Above are some of my favorite flannel fashions…

What to wear…? Wednesdays: are you fur real?


grrr baby grrr… break out the fur.

Could it be that this seemingly endless summer that we’ve been having here in San Diego is finally meeting its demise…? Somebody, pinch me! I have been longing for winter weather and all that it entails… peppermint lattes, cozying up by the fire, and most importantly the FASHION! This season it is ALL about fur. Fur coats, fur vests, fur collars, you name it! I personally love this trend because I feel it lends itself to a variety of personal styles. Whether your look is classic, boho, or rocker chic… there’s a fur for that. There is no need to hunt long and hard for a fabulous fur, they’re everywhere! I have spotted some drool-worthy ones at FXII, H&M, Lulu’s, and Nasty Gal… so unleash your inner wild child and rock this savage trend.

denim on denim.

I am a huge fan of denim!  From jean shorts or jackets to a great pair of skinny jeans… I am typically wearing some form of denim (lately it’s been my favorite denim vest… DIY to come)! Despite my love of denim… it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Way too much in some cases. There is a right and a wrong way to pair your favorite denim pieces. The easiest way to wear double denim is to wear a denim chambray or jean jacket with colored or black denim skinnies. This trend was everywhere this summer and is pretty self explanatory, however… you can wear blue jean on blue jean. This trend isn’t for everyone, but if you do choose to give this look a go just make sure to follow a few simple Kika doo’s and Kika don’ts

+ do not pair the same shade of denim! it is super important that your denims contrast, yet compliment each other. a great way to do this is by pairing a lighter hued denim top with darker bottoms.

+  femme it up… some arm candy, ballet flats, sparkly jewelry, a cute handbag… these are some ways to keep this look light and chic.

+ please do not decide to rock this trend as a couple… especially if you are doing it the wrong way! who can forget the denim duo themselves… Britney and Justin at the 2001 AMAs. i think it’s safe to say that this very image is one of the top 3 reasons people are timid to attempt the double denim trend!

+ show some skin. roll up your sleeves, unbutton an extra button at the collar, or pair a denim chambray with some cute cut-offs. this way you will not appear too monochromatic and can avoid the “canadian tuxedo” look a’la Jay Leno.

+ have fun with it… the most important thing is to stay true to your personal style while staying on trend. don’t get lost in a look that isn’t you just because you saw your favorite fashion icon wearing it.