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So… most of you know that for the past 7 months or so I have been splitting my time between SD and SF so that I can spend more time with the cutest boy ever, aka my nephew. Exhausting…? Yes. Stressful…? You bet. Worth it…? Totally. San Diego will always be home, but I love to come up here, get away, and soak up some QT with the fam bam.

My family recently moved into the most amazing little cabin in the woods in beautiful Mill Valley, California. This place is unreal. I feel like I’m living in a dream world. I am surrounded by giant redwood trees, amazing hiking trails, and have a view of Mt. Tam. I’m also a 2 minute walk to downtown Mill Valley ( which is soooooo cute BTW ) and a 15 minute drive to see my little nephew in SF. Talk about the best of both worlds. It’s such a great getaway. I can come here, remove myself from the hustle and bustle, surround myself with nature, unplug, and shocker… RELAX (not one of my strong points).

The second I got here I set down my bags, laced up my running shoes, and started exploring… what I found in my new backyard was pretty freaking amazing.

I’m not into resolutions. If you ask me New Years resolutions are like expensive sunglasses… like it or not, you’re gonna break ’em! I am, however, into setting goals. Sooo… my goal for the new year is to slow down, appreciate the little things that usually go unnoticed, be grateful, spend more time outside and less time glued to the computer. Do more, stress less, and just enjoy where I am in my life at the moment. That being said… here are some highlights of my first week here in Mill Valley.


Currently my favorite trail.


What is this…? These things are all over the place. Love it.


YES! A staircase. My a**es best frenemie ;)


This reads “Tree by God”. LOL.


Nothing like a little inspo to keep me going. I loved these rocks painted with kind words… so motivating.


A little post-run treat, courtesy of Equator Coffee ← soooooo good!!


Not sure… but I am seriously in heaven. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive and relieves my stress like going for a good run outside, in nature, surrounded by beautiful things. Can’t wait to do some more exploring!