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Make My Day

Make My Day Monday Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2013 Golden Gate Park.jpg

So… I basically had the best weekend EVER. It was filled with totally unplanned adventures and it was totally amazing. I’m definitely an OCD planner. Sometimes it’s so great to be reminded of how nice it feels to just go where the wind takes you.

We kicked off our Friday morning with the March For The Elephants [an international peaceful protest to raise awareness and support the elephants]. Over 35,000 are killed each year for their ivory and if things continue this way they are on the fast track to extinction. Elephants are my second favorite non-domestic animal [and that’s saying a lot]!! I’ve never taken part in anything like this, but I’m glad I did. I met some really great people and supported an important cause.

Tella and friends march for the elephants

It’s so nice to see our four-legged friends supporting one another. [That’s my ‘niece’ Tella on the left]

My sister and her hubby have the raddest house in San Fran. Golden Gate Park is literally their backyard, so we do a lot of exploring.

Classical Guitar Playing Jukebox Monkey Golden Gate Park HSB

A totally normal sight… The Classical Guitar Jukebox Monkey… who else?

 We wandered over to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival [a three day fest in the heart of Golden Gate Park]. We were blown away. There were so many amazing bands playing and the whole thing is free. Yes, free. Needless to say… we kept coming back for more.

The Rooster Stage Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2013.jpg

Let me start by saying that I get my love of music from my dad. He is incredibly musically talented and he is like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to musicians and bands. Growing up he would always quiz me in the car… Who sings this? What instrument is that? [He still does this BTW and I’m so grateful for it.] He recently got me a mandolin and I’m working on some tunes. Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll start a father/daughter duo. Lol.

Kikadoo Katie and Frida Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2013

Enjoying this magical day with my little.

We saw so many incredible acts. Some of my favs included Conor Oberst, Bonnie Rait, Steve Martin [yes, that Steve Martin. For those of you who didn’t know… he plays a mean banjo], Chris Izaak, the legendary Emmylou Harris, and my fav act of the festival… First Aid Kit.


These girls folk’n rock! Do yourselves a fav and check them out. P.S. They’re sisters :)

Kikadoo Frida and Mama little moments

My mini-me and I having a moment as Emmylou serenades us.

sky on fire golden gate park hardly strictly bluegrass festival

The cherry on top of our beautiful weekend. This ridiculous view as we walked home from the fest. No filter. The sky looked like it was on fire… I think it was radiating all of the positive energy.

So, tell me… what made your weekend?

TBT: My Claim To Fame!!

baby kika

Ok folks… so we are throwin’ it wayyyyy back. Here it is… my debut album [[well, not MY album per se… but I’m in it]] At the ripe old age of 4 I was a part of this project to raise awareness about environmental issues. Not quite sure how this happened, or that I knew what recycling meant… but I was singin’ about it! “What ya gona do with all that trash? Recycle it! Recycle it!!” We recorded this album with Michael Mish. Not only did he do tons of cartoon voices back in the day {Speedy Gonzales, Scappy Doo, Duck Tales}, he was also the nicest guy! He is still singin’ songs about protecting our planet to this very day. If you ever find yourself checking out “A Kid’s Eyeview of the Environment” listen for me… I’m the one with the crazy (yet endearing?) speech impediment [<– seriously]. And just in case you were wondering, it is available on iTunes {lol}.

a kids eye view of the environment tape


In all seriousness though, we were way ahead of our time, and it is a super fun memento of my childhood [& queuing it up on my iPhone is also a really fun way to torture my friends ;)]


One good thing about music… when it hits you, you feel no pain.


my absolute favorite album. The Beatles – Rubber Soul.

I had such a relaxing weekend. Sometimes you just need some ME time. I spent some time in the sunshine, read an amazing book, relaxed with my sweet pup, and dug my folks’ old turn table out of the garage… score one for me! I also found a trunk full of AMAZING albums. How did you spend your weekend?




my happy place + Led Zeppelin