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I’ll Cheers To That…

Kikadoo Make My Day Monday Artesa.jpg.jpg

This past weekend was all about family, which is exactly how I like it. The whole crew was in town so we figured we might as well spend the weekend doing what we do best… vino tasting!

Kikadoo Nopalito San Francisco.jpg

Friday night we had dinner at Nopalito. OMG. Let me just say it is now my fav restaurant in SF. The food was to die, the margs were delish and kept on flowing, the service was impeccable, and practically the whole menu was gluten free! We ordered a bunch of tapas… family style, and devoured empanadas, carne asada, tamales, and more. For dessert… homemade dark chocolate cinnamon popsicles. Yum!

Kikadoo red barn vinyards Napa.jpg

Saturday we were off to wine country. It was my nephew’s first wine tasting experience. I mean, I can’t think of a better way to spend your five month b-day… can you?

Kikadoo Lucho Nephew 5 months.jpg

We hit our favorite spots… Jacuzzi and Artesa. We’re all about the wine clubs… joining really pays off because you get to relax in the private tasting rooms where the vino keeps on flowing. [<– I’ll cheers to that!] The chocolate port shots are an added bonus ;)

Kikadoo Jacuzzi Sonoma chocolate port shots.jpg

We ended the night in downtown Sonoma with dinner at the Swiss Hotel. The food was delish… and so was the champagne gelato!


Cheers to family, food, and fun!

What did you cheers to this weekend?

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Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair…

photo 1

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.” 
~Henry David Thoreau

I have been super duper busy over the past month or so [busy in the best way]… relocating to the bay area, looking for a place of my own [a daunting task… I didn’t realize I had to sign away my first born child to rent a place in the city… seriously], spending lots of quality time with the fam [esp my adorable nephew Lucho], and exploring my new surroundings. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by the people I love most, in the city I love most and I can’t wait to see how this next chapter unfolds. Now that you’re all caught up, here it is. My so called life in photos over the past couple of weeks…


Exploring with my sidekick, Frida. She is the Sancho Panza to my Don Quixote. The Ren to my Stimpy. The Pinky to my Brain. The Beavis to my Butthead. You get the picture.


Host and parasite.

photo 3

The view from my morning run is kind of breathtaking

photo 4 … and sometimes I make some new friends along the way.

photo 5-1

My beautiful niece and nephew… Donatella the wonderdog and Lucho. Two big reasons I’m glad to be back in the bay!

photo 2

Spending time with Abuelito in his favorite place on earth… wine country!


Pic of a pic. Admiring the modern art at Artesa.

photo 4-1

A champagne toast to the cousins being reunited… and it feels soooo good.


Thank God!!!

photo 3-1

Lucho’s [and my] first trip to the Biergarten in SF. He’s breast milk wasted.

photo 5

Super cool Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael. It was about 99 degrees out but totally worth sweating our balls off to see these amazing artists in action. My fav was the pixelated Bert & Ernie.


Frida may be Mexican… but she was looking super festive for the 4th!

photo 2-1

I mean, c’mon! This kid is way too cute. I can’t get enough of my little man!


I’ve got a CRUSH.

This post is long overdue, but I’ve had a bit of a hard time getting back to reality after my fabulous weekend in Napa! We wined and dined like queens at some of wine country’s finest restaurants and vineyards. We were definitely in the right place at the right time. Harvest 2012 was taking place and there were crates of gorgeous grapes everywhere! The fine folks at Chateau Montelena even let us get our hands feet dirty as we stomped some grapes… a definite highlight of the weekend. Thanks Chateau Montelena! We’ll be back next year to taste the 2012 Reserve Cab!


… just 5 gals in a carton of grapes. Stomping the 2012 Reserve Cab at Chateau Montelena…

Post – crush with one of Montelena’s wine makers.

After a full day of wine tasting, which included visits to Sterling, Silver Oak, and of course Chateau Montelena, we hit the town for dinner at Carpe Diemyum! I had the white truffle oil popcorn and the tomato prosciutto soup. They were both gluten free and totally delish!


Just a quick snack between wineries. Grapes straight off the vine… mmm.

We kicked off the next morning at Ad-Hoc, a Thomas Keller restaurant, for brunch and bloodiesmmm. This place was UNREAL! From the french press coffe to the main course, and how can i forget the vanilla bean and goat cheese mousse to top it all off.. it was heaven! In the midst of our food comas we hit up Artesa for one last tasting before we hit the road and headed back to San Fran. The views here are to die for, as are the wines.


Ad-Hoc… you’ve really outdone yourself!

The unparalleled view from Artesa.

It was such an amazing weekend! I never wanted it to end… but you can’t always get what you want. That being said, I can’t wait to do it all again next year as we are making this trip an annual tradition.


Until next time Napa ❤

i left my ♥ in San Francisco.


Wine tasting… Artesa was our fav!

Well I’m back from the bay and its safe to say that I am already going through withdrawal! I had the best time with my family… eating, drinking, relaxing, exploring, sunning, and of course… shopping! We started the trip out in Napa. Wine country was beautiful and we had a blast! We spent the second half of our trip by the bay. We lucked out with beautiful sunny weather for the 4th. Its always hard to leave, but soon I won’t have to… the bay area will be my permanent residence as of next month and I couldn’t be more excited! Here are some photo highlights from my trip…


more vino… when I’m with my sis every hour is happy hour!


Lunch at Angele in downtown Napa. So fun.

_ Frida catching up on her gossip mags… she’s just dying to know who Emily is going to pick!


Frida and Donatella… the cousins were reunited!


me + vino = :)