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Girly Grunge


Anyone who knows me knows that I am shoe OBSESSED. Like, it’s a problem.

“Groceries… maybe. New shoes… definitely!”

Anyhow… I think splurging on shoes is totally justifiable, don’t you? However… There’s no feeling quite like finding a great “steal”.

I live in boots… summer, winter… doesn’t really matter. They are def my shoe of choice. That being said, it’s kind of fun to spice up everyday ‘uniform’ which typically consists of black on black with a touch of black.


I love anything ‘tomboy’… especially when it has a hint of girly-ness, so I’m obviously dying over these floral Dr. Martens. I’m all about mixing prints and patterns, so in my opinion they literally go with everything. The price point isn’t too shabby, and honestly a good pair of docs will last you for life. But… these little gems from Steve Madden are equally as cute and only half the price. So, the choice is yours. Spend on the “Real“, or save on the “Steal“?

+ Dr. Marten’s 1460 Floral Boot $130

+ Madden Girl Rexxx Floral Boot $78

Skimlinks Test


Trend Alert Tuesday: Loafer Love.

The penny loafer originated in the 1930s. Loafers in general were a very popular shoe at the time among both men and women. In an effort to make his loafer stand out from the crowd, John Bass created a strap across the top of the shoe that resembled a pair of lips. People started placing pennies in these openings both to adorn their tootsies and because that was the cost to make a call from a pay-phone [remember those things??] … how convenient!

Ashley Olsen, Naya Rivera, and Elizabeth Olsen lookin’ good in their loafers.

It seems that the penny loafer has made a comeback and I couldn’t be happier! They are cute, comfy, and look good with [almost] everything. Just look at those pretty pennies.

Pixie Lott dresses ’em up, dresses ’em down, and wears her loafers all around town.