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Spring Has Almost Sprung


Woah, woah, woah… wait a minute. When did it become March? I’m pretty sure I was just stuffing the turkey and trimming the tree… and now we’re heading into Spring ( although the weather may indicate otherwise ). WTH?? Yep… Spring is exactly 20 days away.

So, what’s a girl to do…? Shop, naturally. To me, Spring means flowy dresses, floppy hats, oversized sunnies, tons of fringe, trying to incorporate a lot of little color into my wardrobe, giant bell bottoms, and floral prints for days. I’m building up my Spring wardrobe right now so that when Spring has sprung… I’m ready and waiting!


I  Sunflower Daze Smock Dress $15.80

II  Gothic Shield Necklace $8.80

III Touch of Glam Wool Fedora $16.80

IV  Flower Patch Slit Maxi Skirt $15.80

V  Throwback Blooms Crop Top $8.80

VI  Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boot $195

VII Ecote Manzano Suede Fringe Backpack $129

VIII  MINKPINK Walk This Way Sunglasses $40

IX  Raga Boho-Print Bell Flare Pant $84

So… what are YOUR Spring-time essentials?!?


Ooooh Baby Baby

Last weekend I attended the most AMAZING baby shower [my sister’s!!!] Not only was it wonderful to spend time with my family, our friends, and especially my sis and soon-to-be nephew in her belly {baby Lucho}… but the shower was absolute perfection! We celebrated at the Santaluz Country Club on the most beautiful spring day. It was the perfect setting for the perfect shower. There were so many incredible little details I could hardly wrap my head around it. From my amazingly talented mama’s hand made creations to all of the delicious homemade treats and sweetest centerpieces {designed by my sister’s adorable mother-in-law}… not a single detail went unnoticed.  We had such a great time celebrating. There is nothing like being surrounded by the people you care about most. We can’t wait to meet this little munchkin! Lucho is going to be very loved… he already is! Advanced warning… this post is pretty photo heavy, but this shindig was just too darn cute!


My beautiful sis… she is radiant!


The cutest baby bump! If this is what 7+ months preggo looks like, sign me up…



The spread… so many tasty treats!



Ready to pop! [get it?] <– how cute are these little popcorn bags?!? Handmade by Mama Roof.


These centerpieces are beyond adorbs? Dying!


Let the games begin! Match up the baby picture with the shower guest… so much fun! Can you spy baby Kika?


Baby Lucho Bingo! Fill out the bingo cards with the gifts you think the parents-to-be will receive.


The most stylish men I know… Bro-in-law Luis [<– the father-to-be] & Uncle Ricky!


Now baby Lucho can match his Pops!


…and his Tio. Too cute!


He’s sure to be a soccer player… thanks uncle Heco!


…and a baller if I have my way! Baby Jordans courtesy of Tia Kika [<– thats me]!! p.s. I have the exact same shoes! Can you say twinsies?!?


The most handsome man I know… Gramps! 91 years young, and yes ladies, he’s single!


We got our fashion sense from Uncle Ricky!!


Bump watch 2013!!

The proud grandmas-to-be! Grammy & Abuelita.

The proud grandmas-to-be! Grammy & Abuelita.


I’m already sooo in love with this little man! Tia Kika is one lucky lady.


→ Spring Forward →


It’s official… Spring is in the air! Well, maybe not “official” as the Spring Equinox doesn’t technically occur until March 20th, but as far as I’m concerned… Spring has sprung.

I couldn’t be more excited because every new season feels like a fresh start. Spring means longer days, hotter nights, & more importantly new fashion trends. I’m obsessed with anything and everything floral right now [which is very unlike me]. This little dime is one of my favs of the moment. Floral with a 90’s twist yes please! I had a dress just like this circa ’93… hey, what goes around comes around.

I’m also dying over these beige booties <– I forced myself to buy beige over black and I’m glad I did… I think they’re perfect for Spring!






+ Floral circle dress: Urban Outfitters

+ Ecote lace up booties: Urban Outfitters

+ Cropped moto jacket: FXXI

+ Arm candy: Kikadoo

+ Oversized circle sunnies


Photos by Fashionlushxx


Rainbow Brite


My girl Fashionlushxx and I have a to “DYE” for product review over on our YouTube channel: KT+E Unplugged. We have been super into the Dip Dye // Colorful hair trend and feel that it will be making a total resurgence for Spring 2013 [[<– which I can’t wait for btdubs]].

Anyhooo, we have played around with various methods of achieving the Dip Dye look without putting our hair through hell. I was a fan of the Anastasia Hypercolor Hair Powder. It’s good for a one-nighter and washes out in one shampoo. A word to the wise… stick to wearing dark colors and watch your pillowcase when using this product. I mean, it is powder… so it tends to wander. Though the Anastasia powder did the job, we weren’t quite satisfied… that is until we discovered Watercolor!!

This may be my favorite product of the moment, and as a self proclaimed product junkie, that’s saying a lot! This stuff seriously made my hair look, feel, and smell like a million buck$. It’s a super hydrating hair mask that also adds a pop of color. It comes in purple, blue, yellow, red, & pink and you can pick it up at Urban Outfitters[<– select stores only], or order it off their website.

My hair is light brown… somewhere around a level 5 – 6. It showed up really well in my hair, especially toward the ends which are naturally lighter. I basically saturated my hair in this mask from roots to tips.  Erica’s hair is a bit darker… probably around a level 4. It still showed up nicely in her hair, but it was more of a “tint” effect. She applied the mask to the lower 1/3rd of her hair. We found that we got the best results by applying it to dry hair and letting it set for about 30 mins. Then just shower as usual and rinse it out [don’t shampoo… just rinse. You don’t want to dilute it too much.]

I applied the mask on Friday and have shampooed three times since. It’s still lookin’ good. The color gets more subtle with each shampoo, but this stuff has definitely got some staying power. I would use this product for the way it makes my hair feel alone. The ridiculously good smell and cute colors are a total added bonus. I will definitely be buying more in the very near future. Don’t forget to check out our viddy for a detailed review… and while you’re at it… SUBSCRIBE!!