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Makin’ A List…


Ugggghhhhh. You guys. Christmas is in 6 days. SIX. DAYS.

I know. I’m not ready either. Is it just me or does December seem like the shortest month of the year?!? I am beyond overwhelmed. Between shopping, wrapping, packing ( my nemesis ) among the million and one other things I have to accomplish in the next few days I’m feeling a little bit crazed!

SO what’s a girl stress ball to do? Do as Santa does… make a list and check it twice. I am ALL ABOUT LISTS! I have the attention span of an ant, so if something is not written down, it gets totally lost in the shuffle. Seriously. Eat✓ Sleep✓ Breathe✓ . If I don’t write EVERYTHING down, I will forget to do it. Every night before bed I make a To-DO list for the following day. There is seriously no better feeling than marking things off one by one and watching your list dwindle down to zero!


 [ Thank God for the ” Reminders ” app!!! Right?!? ]

There are currently 23 items on today’s list alone. 22 once this post is done LOL. That being said… I’m off to the gym to burn off some of this holiday stress ( which BTW will bring my list down to 21 )! Yippee.

So… what are your tips and tricks to cope with this season’s sressors?!?


Sick Day Essentials.

Well, I seem to be kicking of 2013 in the same fashion that I begin most years… sick! I don’t know what it is, but I think once the stress of the holiday season is finally over and I give my body a second to relax it hits me like a ton of bricks. Don’t get me wrong… Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, but whether good or bad, stress is stress and the body does what the body wants. Luckily I have a few days to rest and recoup before I get back to the real world… here are a few of my sick day essentials

sickie 3

1) Hot lemon+honey water… a must!

2) iPad to stay in touch with the world around you & keep your brain active – crosswords//scrabble//social media

3) A good book!! Currently reading Earnest Holmes’ The Science of Mind and it is really resonating with me!! Great motivation for a positive new year!

4) TV remote… Duh!!

5) Lots & lots of water… gotta stay hydrated

sickie 2

6) A comfy cozy blanket

7) My favorite cuddle bug… Miss Frida! She takes such good care of me & c’mon… just look at that face!!

8) Fuzzy slippers… gota keep those tootsies warm & toasty

What are your feel better faves??