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Trend Alert Tuesday: I’ve been framed.


It’s plain to see that just about everyone seems to be rocking the ‘geek chic’ look as of late. Personally, I’m thrilled about this trend! It seems the worse my vision gets, the more trendy it becomes to sport your specs on the daily. Though the horn rimmed // wayfarer style shades have been popular for quite some time we are now seeing this trend take on a whole new shape in the form of cat eyes & super round frames. Here are some of my current faves

Specs Appeal


Trend Alert Tuesday: Animal Style.

Is it just me or am I seeing accessories inspired by our furry friends absolutely everywhere these days? From animal influenced headwear to iPhones with ears, it seems that these critters are creeping into mainstream fashion. As an animal lover myself, I’m pretty wild about this trend… what do you think??