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The NAKED Nail


I find myself to be a strange mix between a product junkie and a minimalist.

If I have a dinner, a date, a GNO, or some kind of event to attend… I’m all about prepping, primping, and pulling myself together. HOWEVER, 9 times out of 10 you will see me sans makeup with a giant rats nest on top of my head. Sorry, but I’m a busy girl, and I’m not about to waste an hour getting ready to go to Whole Foods or hot yoga. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That being said… I’m all about the naked nail trend that is happening. Yep. Naked. Nails. Not ‘nude’… NAKED. I’m a nail-biter, and a picker… so as soon as I get that first chip it’s game over and I’ve picked the rest of my polish off… leaving a Hansel & Gretel style nail polish trail wherever I go. I know. SO gross… but true.

The Olsens have been embracing the naked nail for a LONG time now… which is good enough for me! #WWOD?

Just remember to keep them short, clean, and buffed… cuz long naked nails are a no-no!

Oh ya, and this trend does NOT go for your tootsies too. Keep those puppies polished at all times!



Smarty Pants

So… now that I have a closet full of maxi skirts I’m noticing a new trend is taking over and I’m REALLY into it!! I’m talking about swapping out your maxi for some sexy pants. Yep. Pants.


I attended the most MAJ event last weekend for my babe, Lauryn’s book launch and noticed that probably half of the sexy chicas there were totally rocking this trend. #bitchesinbritches ♥ I love this look because I think it’s sophisticated, sexy, semi-masculine, and super comfy. Also, you don’t have to worry about pulling a ‘Britney’ ( aka giving everyone an eye-full ) while getting out of the car or hopping down from the bar. I was working this trend as well in a pair of sheer, high waisted pants with lace detailing down the sides paired with a crop top. It’s all about showing just enough skin… and trust me, it’s a fine line.

Anyhow, here are some of my favorite sexy pantalones…




Real vs. Steal: Ring Around The Rosy


I am kind of obsessed with anything and everything floral these days. I’m usually an über-tomboy… but I think flowers are the easiest way to femme it up a little.

This floral slip dress is seriously to die. It’s so girly and feminine and I feel like I would literally wear it with everything… Docs ✓, knee-highs ✓, an oversized flannel ✓, a slouchy beanie ✓✓✓. I esp. love the lace detailing at the bottom. I was literally about to pull the trigger and finalize my “shopping cart” when I thought… lemme make SURE I can’t find a steal for this bad boy. Lo and behold… I found the perfect one. Sry… but this little number is almost identical. Plus, it’s under $20 bucks. Double score.


+ Pins And Needles Lace-Trim Chiffon Slip Dress $59

+ FXXI Slit Floral Slip Dress $19.80

I feel like they are both totes affordable and equally adorable… so what do u guys think…? Go for it with the ‘real’… or save with the ‘steal‘?



Crystal Clear


Clearly, lucite has made a comeback… and I’m really diggin’ it, esp. in the form of accessories and home decor. Its crisp and clean, goes with everything, and forces you to be uber organized.


There’s nothing cuter than a clear clutch and I’m kind of dying to get my hands on one… literally. This CC Skye one with the rose gold accents is to-die, right? However, $300+ on something that’s bound to be a passing trend is kind of unjustifiable IMHO. I mean, yes… it’s perfect for girls night out, but it’s not going to be your everyday bag. This little Nasty Gal gem is equally as cute and won’t break the bank.

So what do you guys think? Would you splurge on the real or save with the steal…? The choice is clear, if you ask me!


Trend Alert Tuesday: Loafer Love.

The penny loafer originated in the 1930s. Loafers in general were a very popular shoe at the time among both men and women. In an effort to make his loafer stand out from the crowd, John Bass created a strap across the top of the shoe that resembled a pair of lips. People started placing pennies in these openings both to adorn their tootsies and because that was the cost to make a call from a pay-phone [remember those things??] … how convenient!

Ashley Olsen, Naya Rivera, and Elizabeth Olsen lookin’ good in their loafers.

It seems that the penny loafer has made a comeback and I couldn’t be happier! They are cute, comfy, and look good with [almost] everything. Just look at those pretty pennies.

Pixie Lott dresses ’em up, dresses ’em down, and wears her loafers all around town.