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Spring Has Almost Sprung


Woah, woah, woah… wait a minute. When did it become March? I’m pretty sure I was just stuffing the turkey and trimming the tree… and now we’re heading into Spring ( although the weather may indicate otherwise ). WTH?? Yep… Spring is exactly 20 days away.

So, what’s a girl to do…? Shop, naturally. To me, Spring means flowy dresses, floppy hats, oversized sunnies, tons of fringe, trying to incorporate a lot of little color into my wardrobe, giant bell bottoms, and floral prints for days. I’m building up my Spring wardrobe right now so that when Spring has sprung… I’m ready and waiting!


I  Sunflower Daze Smock Dress $15.80

II  Gothic Shield Necklace $8.80

III Touch of Glam Wool Fedora $16.80

IV  Flower Patch Slit Maxi Skirt $15.80

V  Throwback Blooms Crop Top $8.80

VI  Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boot $195

VII Ecote Manzano Suede Fringe Backpack $129

VIII  MINKPINK Walk This Way Sunglasses $40

IX  Raga Boho-Print Bell Flare Pant $84

So… what are YOUR Spring-time essentials?!?


Fancy Pants

Kikadoo Fashion Friday Real vs Steal Fancy Pants.jpg.jpg

If you are at all into online shopping / browsing / scoping fashion blogs chances are you’ve come across these pants a time or two. Call them what you wish… harem pants, genie pants, I’ve even heard them referred to as “Pinterest Pants”. The Mariner pant by Joie is basically a super chic sweat pant that can be totally dressed up or down. I mean, sweats that are socially acceptable to wear out to a dinner party or a night on the town…? Count me in! They’d also be super cute for the holidays [Thanksgiving + elastic waistband = a winning combo]!

Kikadoo Fashion Friday Real vs Steal Genie Harem Pants Joie Mariner Pant vs HM.jpg.jpg

They retail for $168… however, I found a similar pair at my local H&M for only $17.95. I love this price point because as with any trend they could be here today and gone tomorrow. I would hate to spend $100+ bucks on a pair of sweats that I’ll be over by next season. So what do you think… are you digging these genie pants? Would you spend one wish on the “real” or go for the “steal”?

xx katie.jpg

→ Spring Forward →


It’s official… Spring is in the air! Well, maybe not “official” as the Spring Equinox doesn’t technically occur until March 20th, but as far as I’m concerned… Spring has sprung.

I couldn’t be more excited because every new season feels like a fresh start. Spring means longer days, hotter nights, & more importantly new fashion trends. I’m obsessed with anything and everything floral right now [which is very unlike me]. This little dime is one of my favs of the moment. Floral with a 90’s twist yes please! I had a dress just like this circa ’93… hey, what goes around comes around.

I’m also dying over these beige booties <– I forced myself to buy beige over black and I’m glad I did… I think they’re perfect for Spring!






+ Floral circle dress: Urban Outfitters

+ Ecote lace up booties: Urban Outfitters

+ Cropped moto jacket: FXXI

+ Arm candy: Kikadoo

+ Oversized circle sunnies


Photos by Fashionlushxx


What to Wear Wednesdays: Come as you are.

Flannel is absolutely one of my favorite trends of 2012! It’s comfy and cute with a Seattle grunge edge that totally reminds me of my youth! I’m completely mad about 90’s fashion and thrilled that it has made its reprise. My favorite way to wear flannel is over a vintage band tee & paired with some ripped black tights and boots. I feel there is a flannel for every occasion! Above are some of my favorite flannel fashions…