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What To Wear…? Wednesdays: Something’s Shady.

Trying to incorporate more color into your winter wardrobe but don’t know where to start…? I’ve got you covered! Pantone has released their must wear shades of the season. Though I like to stick to basic black about 95% of the time, I am a big fan of French Roast, Honey Gold, and Rhapsody. I will definitely be incorporating these colors into my wardrobe in the form of tights, scarves, and nail polish!! I might even throw in a dash of Tangerine Tango {which was Pantone’s color of the year: 2012}. So experiment, have fun, mix it up and don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know… you just may find your new fave color!


Trend Alert Tuesday: Color Me Cold.


 ‘Tis the season for all things comfy, cozy… and colorful? Yep! Though winter seems like the perfect time to bedeck yourself in black… this year we are seeing an influx of color, especially in the form of tights and stockings. Though I tend to wear a ton of black, I am really digging this trend! I think it’s a great way to add a little kick to your winter wardrobe and glam up a gloomy, grey day! I have been sporting this trend all Fall and have no intention of stopping now. My favorite hue…? Oxblood red! They are the perfect color for this season and go great with all black. So what are your thoughts on this trend? Love it… or leave it?

What to wear…? Wednesdays: are you fur real?


grrr baby grrr… break out the fur.

Could it be that this seemingly endless summer that we’ve been having here in San Diego is finally meeting its demise…? Somebody, pinch me! I have been longing for winter weather and all that it entails… peppermint lattes, cozying up by the fire, and most importantly the FASHION! This season it is ALL about fur. Fur coats, fur vests, fur collars, you name it! I personally love this trend because I feel it lends itself to a variety of personal styles. Whether your look is classic, boho, or rocker chic… there’s a fur for that. There is no need to hunt long and hard for a fabulous fur, they’re everywhere! I have spotted some drool-worthy ones at FXII, H&M, Lulu’s, and Nasty Gal… so unleash your inner wild child and rock this savage trend.