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Sweat In Style


New year, new you workout gear. If you’re human, you probably made a resolution, promise to yourself, deal with the devil ( whatever you want to call it ) to eat right and work out this year… am I right? I explained here why I’m not into resolutions, however, I am into taking care of yourself and your bod… soooooo… I say start where all good things do, in your closet.

If you look the part, you’re going to act the part. I may be fashion obsessed, but I probably spend 80% of my life in workout wear. Why? Because a ) it’s comfy, b ) it can be cute, and c ) wear it = do it. Simple as that. Here are some of my favorite pieces to inspire a good old sweat sesh.


+ [ VSX Sports Bra ] $50 : When it comes to bras, Victoria’s Secret obviously knows what’s up. This is one of my faves. Cute, comfy, and super supportive.

+ [ Beats by Dre Studio Headphones ] $299 : I absolutely cannot work out with earbuds. Sry. Hate it. IDK why. I’m all about big old headphones… the bigger, the better. Bonus… they keep your ears warm when you’re running out in the cold.

+ [ VS Pink Hoodie ] $33 : Gotta keep those muscles nice and warm post workout. VS hoodies are just the softest, hands down. Plus they’re light weight and the bright colors are super motivating :)

+ [ LuLu Lemon Happy Hatha Hour Bag ] $118 :  The key to actually going to the gym is preparation. Pull a Mary Poppins and keep your bag packed up with everything you could possibly need including your workout gear, toiletries, makeup bag, a little protein packed snack, whatever gets you through the day and to the gym.

+ [ Nike Free Tr 4 ] $140 : I LOVE Nike Frees. They are sooooo comfy, lightweight, and prob the best looking sneak out there IMHO.

+ [ Tye Dye Twistbands ] $27 : There is nothing worse than having a face full of hair when you’re trying to perfect your downward dog. Tie it up with a Twistband. Functional & fashionable.

+ [ Life Factory Water Bottle ] $23 : I literally don’t leave home without my Life Factory water bottle. Cute, cool, and BPA free.

+ [ VS Pink Ponte Leggings ] $30 : Finding a good pair of leggings is like finding a needle in a freaking haystack. Nothing worse than finishing up a good stretch sesh to find your too thin leggings are just a little on the see through side. #oops. These bad boys are, not too thin, not too thick, just right.

+ [ Nope Muscle Tee ] $14 : I like to keep it fresh in a good old muscle tee. Keeps you cool and covered up all in one.


To Sweat or Not to Sweat… That is the Question.

kikadoo workout

Soooo… if you are anything like the rest of us, you either had, have, or know someone who has been bogged down by this nasty cold // plague that has been circulating. Ick! It’s a real b*tch. I’ve had it twice this year, but I finally seemed to have kicked it and I’m feeling goooood. I am now convinced that I have total immunity to all strains. With that being said, I often wonder if I should keep working out and just sweat out those nasty bugs… or if I should give my bod a break. In general I feel much better when I work out, in ALL aspects of my life. The endorphins seriously get to me. Today I stumbled upon an article that answered my ‘to sweat or not to sweat’ question. Simply stated…  if you are experiencing “above the neck symptoms” such as a sore throat and the sniffles go ahead and get your workout on. However, if you are suffering from “below the neck symptoms” such as body aches, an upset tummy, or chest congestion then you’re better off renting a good flick, stocking up on some rag mags, and resting up. I think the best thing that you can do is to listen to your body. You know yourself better than anyone else. So there you go, now you [[& I]] know.

TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Fitness – Sweaty Swag

I typically spend my Friday’s workin’ on my fitness & filming for KT+E Unplugged’s FAB YouTube channel. [[We have SUCH a fun tutorial comin’ your way!!]] So… Here’s what I wore to hit the gym:

Kikadoo Sweaty Swag 2

+ My fave new “Swag Timestee: H&M <– stolen from the men 

+ Black hoodie: H&M <– stolen from the men

+ Black leggings

+ Neon sneaks: Target

+ As always… my fave black leather bucket bag aka “the black hole“: H&M


hmmm… I’m seeing a theme develop here… do you think I like H&M or what??


What to Wear Wednesdays: Lite Brite

neon highlighters

It has been crazy cold lately [I’m talking 40 degrees in San Diego kind of cold]… so why not turn up the heat by adding a pop of neon to your drab winter wardrobe?!? Neon was huge in Summer ’12 and it looks like it’s going to be even bigger in twenty-thirteen! I’m stoked because I am a big fan of the neon trend. It’s the perfect way to spice up my almost all black wardrobe. My fave way to incorporate neon at the moment is via my workout gear. Having cute gym clothes gets me extra motivated and wearing bright colors while I get my workout on makes me feel energetic and alive!

kikadoo fashionlush neon sneakers

These little dimes are my current favesFashionlushxx + Kikadoo = sneaker twinsies!! Have I mentioned we have a YouTube channel!?! Check it out and SUBSCRIBE!! <—- seriously!

Some other super cool neon swag


don't sweat it