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Happy Monday!


– Pretty new jewels, stored in my critter dish of course! –

So, it’s Monday ( aka everyone’s favorite day / NOT ) … instead of spending mine with a serious case of the Mondays… I prefer to spend it reflecting on the past seven days and what made them totally amazing… oh ya, & get pumped up for the week ahead.

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Good-Read Alexa Chung It

   – A lazy morning read. Borrowed this book from my babe Fashionlush & devoured it in a                hot minute. –


– Can’t get through the days without these… my little idea book to jot down my thoughts whenever inspiration strikes ( typically in the middle of the night, am I right ) & my fav EOS lip balm. –


– I mean… are you kidding me with this face?!? My little Frida melts my heart! –


– Lips á la Saint Laurent… need I say more? –


– A little organic dark chocolate never hurt anyone. –


   – Seriously, the sweetest bday gift from my bestie! A tiny sideways initial necklace in the form of      an “F” for Frida… naturally! –

TFB-The-Fashion-Bite-Make-My-Day-Holiday-CupsMy favorite passion tea …

– YAY! The Starbucks holiday cups have officially arrived!! –


– A ‘lil sneak peek of our upcoming tutorial for KT+E Unplugged #longhairdontcare –

So spill, I want to know… what makes your day??



Must-Have-Mondays: The Eyes Have It.

“The most beautiful makeup on a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent

Today’s Must-Have item is truly a Must-Have! This one little gem may actually change your life {or at least the way you feel about your makeup}. If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things, this would probably absolutely be one of them. I’m talking about MAC’s paint pot in Painterly. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all of the paint pots… their consistency, workability, and staying power are unparalleled, but Painterly takes the cake. Why you ask? This one product will honestly increase the performance of so many of your other products it’s not even funny. It is the perfect eyeshadow base {your shadow will honestly stay put all day}, it brightens the entire eye area to make you look alive {I use it on my upper lids, lower lids, and especially the epicanthic fold [[that’s fancy talk for the inner corner of your eye]] }. I also use it as an occasional concealer when I need to cover something up and make sure it stays hidden all day {it’s as if it creates some sort of cloak of invisibility}. In short, this is one product every girl must have in their beauty bags at all times… I promise, you’ll thank me later!