The NAKED Nail


I find myself to be a strange mix between a product junkie and a minimalist.

If I have a dinner, a date, a GNO, or some kind of event to attend… I’m all about prepping, primping, and pulling myself together. HOWEVER, 9 times out of 10 you will see me sans makeup with a giant rats nest on top of my head. Sorry, but I’m a busy girl, and I’m not about to waste an hour getting ready to go to Whole Foods or hot yoga. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That being said… I’m all about the naked nail trend that is happening. Yep. Naked. Nails. Not ‘nude’… NAKED. I’m a nail-biter, and a picker… so as soon as I get that first chip it’s game over and I’ve picked the rest of my polish off… leaving a Hansel & Gretel style nail polish trail wherever I go. I know. SO gross… but true.

The Olsens have been embracing the naked nail for a LONG time now… which is good enough for me! #WWOD?

Just remember to keep them short, clean, and buffed… cuz long naked nails are a no-no!

Oh ya, and this trend does NOT go for your tootsies too. Keep those puppies polished at all times!



2 thoughts on “The NAKED Nail

  1. Emily

    I totally get you on the product junkie meets minimal list! I hate getting ready for any regular day, but the second I have plans, I am putting together ideas for outfit hair make up etc lol currently rocking the naked nail now but I always start biting – back to polish :(

    1. Katie Roof Post author

      I feel ya on that one! I’ve been going with the no makeup, no flat iron, no nail polish look lately… but I’m SUCH a biter! I try to convince myself I can simplify and throw out all of my products… but the second I have an event coming up I’m out buying new shiz… so it’s kind of a lose / lose. Good luck lol!!


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