Trend Alert Tuesday: Loafer Love.

The penny loafer originated in the 1930s. Loafers in general were a very popular shoe at the time among both men and women. In an effort to make his loafer stand out from the crowd, John Bass created a strap across the top of the shoe that resembled a pair of lips. People started placing pennies in these openings both to adorn their tootsies and because that was the cost to make a call from a pay-phone [remember those things??] … how convenient!

Ashley Olsen, Naya Rivera, and Elizabeth Olsen lookin’ good in their loafers.

It seems that the penny loafer has made a comeback and I couldn’t be happier! They are cute, comfy, and look good with [almost] everything. Just look at those pretty pennies.

Pixie Lott dresses ’em up, dresses ’em down, and wears her loafers all around town.



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