Weekly Rewind


I know, I know… I’ve been totally off the grid, yet again. Sorry… but I swear I have a good reason! I have spent the past week and a half moving, decorating, making a million and one trips to Target and Home Goods, and getting totally settled into my new little beach bungalow. It’s already feeling like home and I am beyond obsessed. It is so cute and cozy, the skylights, funky architecture and salty air make me feel like I’m on some kind of island getaway; and the fact that I can walk out my door and go to the beach is just beyond amazing… oh ya, and it has a gigantic closet! Woot woot.


Some of my favorite touches… Frida Kahlo corner, dia de los muertos skull, and my avant garde bar cart complete with vino, an antique Virgin Mary, Led Zeppelin album, and gummi frogs… duh!

Though work is always my priority… being here makes me feel about 10,000 times less stressed and has forced me to un-glue my eyes from the computer for at least an hour or two a day to get outside, hit the beach, and just enjoy the simple life.


Shark sighting!! My beach babe & bestie, Frida. She’s loving our new home too!!

What do you do to unwind and get grounded?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Rewind

    1. Katie Roof Post author

      Hey Sophie! I definitely have more food posts on the books including a super yummy / easy G-Free recipe later this week. I will try to do more ‘day in the life’ posts so that you can get an idea of how I eat gluten free on a daily basis and some of my favorite gf products! Good luck on your gluten free journey and you can always email me with any questions! xox

    1. Katie Roof Post author

      Thanks babe! A lot of the little things are from all over the place unfortunately… most of the latin inspired pieces are things I picked up while visiting family in Argentina. Other than that… I got a lot of cute stuff at Home Goods and the bar cart is from Target :) Glad you like my decor!!


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