What A Pear


Let’s talk about pears.

The most underrated fruit. Ever.

I mean… how often do you see somebody bite into a juicy apple… on the daily. But a pear? Never.

I don’t get it. I’ll admit… Pears didn’t used to cross my mind all that often until they were falling off of my sister’s pear tree by the bucket full ( who knew ) and I started eating them like cray.

Now I incorporate pears into my daily green juice… and when i start to chop that baby up I no longer want to juice it… I want to eat it. This got me thinking a lot about pears ( #deepthoughts ). Why are they so delish… and why do they do a body good?

So here’s the deal… pears are high in anti-oxidants and full of anti-inflammatory nutrients such as Vitamin E and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. They are also the second highest source of flavanols among ALL fruits and veggies.

An increased consumption of pears has been linked to a decrease in many chronic illnesses including heart disease and type II Diabetes. Furthermore, pears have been linked to a decreased cancer risk! Pears are also high in fiber, great for digestion, and contain lutein and beta-carotene with are stellar for your eye health.

That being said… a-pear-ently , pears are like, really, really good for you! Woohoo!

What’s your fav underrated fruit?


5 thoughts on “What A Pear

  1. Erica Stolman

    I really really really liked honey dew & mango- kind of underrated- right??

    What about starfruit? No one eats starfruit! Love those babies.

    oooh & Jicama. Is a jicama a fruit? If so… love it.

  2. Hannah

    Totally with you on this, I LOVE pears. I like them hard, I like them soft, and all varieties! I love eating them with walnuts, it’s a great combo!

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