Why I Brush My Lips… & You Should Too.


There is literally nothing worse than dry lips.

Like. Yuck yuck yuck. Not cute.

There is also really no excuse for it IMHO. Yes, the weather gets cold, our skin gets dry, our lips get chapped… BUT you do not need to be a victim.

So, what’s a girl to do? Brush your lips. Duh!

Here’s why… Brushing your lips is the best way to exfoliate them and get rid of that dry, chapped skin. Furthermore… brushing your lips totally plumps your pout by increasing circulation and bringing more blood to the surface of the skin.

Softer, fuller lips…? Sign me up.


So, after you brush your teeth… brush your lips. Using a wet toothbrush gently brush your lips. Don’t get carried away, your goal is exfoliation… let’s not get crazy. If you want to add a little extra umph use brown sugar for extra exfoliation. When you are done brushing lock in that moisture with a rich lip balm. I swear by Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I’ve talked about it before because it is seriously the best. Another great option ( and something that belongs in everyone’s medicine cabinet ) is Alba’s Un-Petroleum Jelly. Just steer clear of regular old Vaseline or anything containing ‘Petroleum’. Sorry, but petroleum belongs in your car… not on your face. EW. You’re skin is your largest organ. Be good to it!

So spill… what are your weirdest beauty tricks?


12 thoughts on “Why I Brush My Lips… & You Should Too.

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  2. Alison

    Yes! I’ve been doing this for years! Love it!

    My beauty secret:
    Lip smackers in Dr. Pepper. Yes, I’m 31 and still use it. It gives that perfect natural rosy shade. I also use it on my cheeks, for a dewey glow.

  3. Steph

    this seems like an awesome idea! my lips are always dry haha. but one question, can you just use the same toothbrush you brush your teeth with or would you suggest another toothbrush to do the job?

    1. Katie Roof Post author

      You can def use the same… if you’re hard core you can have one designated solely to lip brushing, lol. I would say if you use the same toothbrush, rinse off the toothpaste after you brush your teeth and before you brush your lips because toothpaste can be very drying… which would kind of defeat the purpose ;) xo

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  6. Cassie

    I’m sorry, but if you look in the ingredients for Rosebud Salve on the Sephora website, the number one ingredient is petrolatum. Which is the same as petroleum jelly.

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