55 Easy Rock Painting Ideas For Beginners

Those people who are interested in the painting must try rock painting. There is something very special about rock painting and it’s a very creative idea. After you discover rock painting, the first thing you will begin looking for is rock painting ideas. Thus, in this post, we are giving you some tips to know while doing rock painting as well as a list of different easy rock painting ideas for beginners. Also Checkout Some Easy Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners.

Simple Rock Painting Ideas For Beginners

Tips To Know While Doing Rock Painting

If you are a beginner and doing rock painting for the first time then you should follow some tips. These are given below:

  • You must choose smooth rocks for rock painting instead of using rough rocks. You can get the ideal rocks from garden centers or pound shops for painting.
  • For painting, use acrylic paint and permanent marker pen. Since some paint won’t work very well on rocks.
  • You should wash your rocks with a mild detergent earlier than leaving to dry.
  • It is recommended that you must protect your finished designs with a layer of PVA glue.
  • You can use make-up brushes for painting and can be purchased from the pond shops.
  • Most important, you must have a vision, passion, or interest to make rock painting.

Different Rock Painting Ideas:

Pet Cactus Rocks

These rock paintings look very cute and are very easy to paint with. You can paint rocks in various ways as per your preference. When these rocks are placed in terracotta pots, they look very nice. Moreover, you can also place some artificial button eyes to painted rocks to make them cuter.

Toy Story Alien Rocks

This rock painting is super cute and can be done in multiple rocks. You can use the color of your choice to paint the faces of the alien in rocks. First, you should paint the base of the rock using a light color such as white. Then, the outlines of an alien face and color it. You can also create eyes and ears to make your painting awesome.

Strawberry Rocks

Next in the list of different ideas for easy rock painting ideas is Strawberry Rocks. No doubt, strawberry is a very tasty fruit but you can also make a strawberry rock painting. Use red color as the base and then yellow and green color also to complete the painting. Moreover, you can use them to decorate your garden.

Rock Sharks

People mainly afraid of sharks but when you do its rock painting then it looks very fantastic. For this painting, you must take big and triangle-shaped rocks. Start painting using white color as a base and then by using red color, paint its mouth. Furthermore, for fun, you can place them around the beach and play with them. Have a Look at Some Easy Face Painting Ideas For Cheeks.

Ladybug Rocks

Ladybug Rocks is another easy rock painting ideas for beginners. For this rock painting usually, you must take small rocks. First, paint them using red color as a base. Then use black and white color to make dots and its mouth form front. Some people believe that it’s a good luck sign, so you can place them as decoration in your homes also.

Donut Rocks

Who doesn’t love a donut? Most of the people like to eat donuts. You can try to paint them on rocks as well. This rock painting is very easy to make. You can use many colors such as pink, red, and brown colors to make it more real. Small and big rocks can be used to make this painting as donuts are available in various sizes.

Flower Rocks

Everybody loves flowers, so you can also try to make Flower Rock painting. For this painting, you will a circular rock and various colors of your choice. You can start by making the center of the flower and then its petals. Apart from this, you can use these as decoration in your home and they look very outstanding.

Flag Rocks

Flag rocks painting looks very amazing and is a good idea of rock painting. It is very easy to make and you can use rocks of many sizes. First, choose the flag of a country you want to paint. Then start by making stripes or symbols using different colors. In this way, you will also get to know about flags or various countries.

Zombie Rocks

One of the most famous rock paintings in this list Zombie Rocks. Zombie rocks when painted on rocks look scary but are very easy to paint. You can use green and black colors to give them a Halloween look. So, paint these in such a way that they give angry facial expressions.

Chick Rock

This adorable Chick Rock is much easier than it looks! These are cute with black and white eyes and an adorable yellow color body. To paint this Chick Rock you need to be a perfect artist. Moreover, you can use these for decoration purposes and is an easy Easter craft.

Magic 8-Ball Rock

If you want a magic type rock painting then you can go for a Magic 8-Ball Rock. Kids love magic and this rock painting looks very cool. To make this painting, you have to color the stone using black color and then use white color to make an inner circle. Finally, draw 8 with the help of a brush by using black color. Check out some best non-objective art that you must see.

Dinosaur Rock

This easy rock painting idea for beginners is perfect for rocks that are in long shape. They are fun to create and when you will complete the painting you will love it. You can start by painting from the head of the dinosaur and then the rest of its body. To build one big dinosaur you can also paint several rocks.

Fish Holding Shark Fin

Fish Holding Shark Fine is one of the cutest rock art ideas. You can paint a small fish holding a shark fin and some water waves in rock using a blue color. This rock painting can be used as a decoration in a beach-themed room and the centerpiece of a room can be filled with this sea theme rock painting.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns are in fashion nowadays whether we are talking about accessories, outfits, or paintings. You can paint the rocks in various geometric patterns such as triangles, stripes, rectangles, circles, and many others. Use brushes of different sizes to paint them perfectly using colors such as black, blue, white, pink, and a lot more of your choice.

Rock Ghosts

This can be a good Halloween idea and one of the easy rock painting ideas for beginners. To make this painting all you will need the rocks of various shapes and sizes such as circular, rectangular, long, and others. Start by painting using white color as a base and then using black color and brush make it eyes to give it a ghost look.

Sports Rocks

If you are the one who loves sports especially football, rugby or basketball then you can go to Sports Rock painting and it is perfect for beginners. For this, you have to find different shape rocks mainly a circular shape rock to make football or basketball. Moreover, you can use them for decoration in your sports themed room.

Fairy Door Rocks

This is one of the unique and attractive rock painting ideas that you must try. To paint it you can use the color of your choice and when you will complete it you will love the results. Paint a base and then paint a door using a small size brush. Apart from this, you can place them in your garden and add a fantasy feel!

Christmas Rocks

Christmas is always fun and it is a great time to think about various decoration ideas. You can also try to paint Christmas Rocks using various colors. To start this painting, choose a wide rock so that you have enough space to paint. You can try to paint a snowman, snowflakes and various other Christmas themes.

Owl Rocks

This is another animal theme rock painting for beginnersIn the beginning, this rock painting can seem a bit harder to make but looks awesome. For owls, you can try various color themes or combos as per your desire. Additionally, these can be used as a decoration showpiece for your drawing room.

Watermelon Painted Rocks

Watermelons are very juicy and are very easy to paint also. You can choose rocks of diverse shapes, especially of the sphere shape. Paint half rock using green color and other half using red color. Then using black color make some dots to resemble seeds. For a cuter look, draw eyes on it to have happy watermelon.

Rock painting is becoming popular with experienced as well as beginning painters alike! It is a very fun way to get the kids involved and good family activity. So, if you don’t have rock painting experience, then you must try easy rock painting ideas for beginnersgiven above in the list. Here we have some easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners. Have a look- Besides, you can let us know about your favorite rock painting idea through your comments.

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