Reasons Why Your Hair Color Changed Itself

You may notice the look of your hair, and feel it different from several years ago. Many factors can change not only the color but also the texture of strands over the years.

If you want to know the reasons why your hair changes its color on its own, you are in the right place. We will talk about some common reasons for this.


You may be stressed because of many reasons, such as a work deadline or relationship difficulties. Then, they can cause rapid hair loss that happens three months after your stress. You can think about trying a hair supplement.

Our recommendation for you is the Nutrafol for Women. It can help decrease stress-related hormones. At the same time, the product is able to encourage your hair to grow fuller.

Chemical Treatment

If you lift your hair with bleach, it may make its bonds weaken. Moreover, this action can also change your hair color.

Besides, if you regularly go to a salon to dye your hair, it can alter your hair color over time.

Hot Heat

If you use your heating tools frequently, they may cause damage to your hair. Moreover, it is the reason why your hair color changed over time. Therefore, it’s important to lower your heat setting on your heat tools.

If you use hot heat on your hair, it can cause your hair color to dull. Therefore, we recommend you look for tools with ceramic or ionic technology since they will use much less heat compared to traditional models.

Sun Rays

Your hair may decrease its melanin due to sunlight. Also, this factor can fad out your hair color. Indeed, it can make the color look light. As you know, your skin is able to regenerate melanin after it is damaged by UV. However, your hair won’t.


If you are pregnant, you can easily see the changes in your hair color and texture during this period. The reason is that your estrogen levels are higher than normal during this pregnancy period.


Genetics determines the age where the body accumulates hydrogen peroxide. Your hair color and texture are also determined by genetics. This factor is a strong one. The fact is that your hair color will change a bit through each decade of aging.

Your hair may look shinier, thicker, and change texture if you are expecting. For instance, your curly hair can become straighter suddenly during pregnancy. This is also due to the higher levels of estrogen.

However, don’t worry! Your hair will return to normal after this period. All you need to do is just to be patient. Your hair will regrow.


Your hair color may change throughout life because of several factors. In this post, we have mentioned some of the most common causes, such as stress, chemical treatment, hot heat, sun rays, pregnancy.

Moreover, there are also a few different causes. We hope you feel our article is useful for you.

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